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I got a new phone number and can't log in anymore?

If your phone number has changed, it’s important to update it within the app as soon as possible to ensure your data stays private. Phone companies frequently recycle unused phone numbers and if your old number is assigned to someone new, they could access your data.

If you added a secondary login method to your account (for example, Facebook or Apple ID), you’ll be able to log in even if your phone number has changed. Select the secondary login method when signing in and you’ll be able to access your account. As soon as you are logged in, follow these steps to update your phone number:

1. Go to Settings (the grey gear icon in the top right corner)

2. Scroll down and tap on "Security & Privacy"

3. Tap on “Login methods”

4. Choose the option to edit the registered phone number to be your new one.

If you didn’t add a secondary login method, don’t worry! Our Support Team can help you access your account by contacting us via @BumbleSupport on Twitter or Facebook. Once our team has helped log you back in, you can go in and update your phone number with the steps above. The only difference is you'll just need to add a secondary login method (either your Facebook or Apple ID) before you can change your phone number. This can be added temporarily to make the change or you have the option to keep both login methods available to you for signing in next time.