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How to Use Bumble’s New Emoji Reactions Feature

Ever read an About Me section of a Bumble profile that made you laugh? Or see a photo that made you swoon? Now you can let your matches know exactly what caught your attention with our new feature, Reactions. Anyone — of any gender — can use them, and they’re a great way to break the ice or give your match something to respond to right off the bat.

What they do
Reactions let you send an emoji to a potential match about something specific in their profile. You can react to a photo, a Profile Prompt, or an About Me section. If it’s a match, they’ll get to see what you found funny or applause-worthy before the convo has even started.

If you’re making the first move, you can also add a comment with your Reaction. If it’s a match, then your comment will count as your first move, removing the pressure to come up with a first line.

How to use them
If you want to react to something, just tap the button in the bottom left corner of someone’s photo, Profile Prompt, or About Me section. Nine emojis will pop up, and you can choose whichever one you’re feeling.

For those making the first move, there’ll be a text box where you can add a comment with your emoji Reaction. Remember: They’ll only see your Reaction or comment if it’s a match.

What you can choose from
Bumble has 9 emoji Reactions you can choose from. Here’s a little rundown of how you might use them:

We know making the first move can be tough. So is waiting on one. With Reactions, you can easily break the ice or give your matches something to work with right away.

This feature may not be available everywhere.