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How can I add the Vaccination Badge to my profile?

We understand that having the option on Bumble to be transparent with your vaccination status and knowing the status of other people you plan to meet with in real life could be important to you. That’s why we introduced the Vaccination Badge so you can swipe with ease and not worry about your vaccination status being the go-to conversation starter with your matches. 

To add the Vaccination Badge to your profile, all you need to do is swipe through your Swipe Deck until the Vaccination profile card appears. You’ll need to swipe to the right on the card, and from there you’ll be able to add the Vaccination Badge to your profile.

If you’ve swiped for a while and you’re still not seeing the Vaccination profile card, make sure you’re logged into your app and then click here to manually add it. Please note, this link only works on a mobile device and not for Bumble Web. If for any reason you’re still stuck adding your vaccination badge, please reach out to our Support Team here so we can help you with this. 💛