8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Every Match, From Boos to BFFs

8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Every Match, From Boos to BFFs

We checked the rule book, and you don’t have to be in a committed relationship to rock a paired up costume. In fact, coordinating with your latest Bumble match, whether a friend or a date, is a great way to create a memorable bond (and in some cases, major chemistry)! From iconic duos to well-known memes, we’ve got ideas for matches of every kind. So, go ahead and live a little! (One note, though: There won’t be any ghosting this year!)


Daria and Jane

This cynical duo from the beloved late-’90s animated series give you and your match a chance to let everyone know how you really feel. Are you rejecting that dude or just staying in character? The world may never know.


Cards Against Humanity

For the low-maintenance matches out there, this creative costume is both customizable and easy to put together. Rolling up with the whole gang? This idea also works for a group.


Beyonce and Jay-Z (The Carters) in ‘Apeshit’

Queen Bey never fails to impress, and neither do you. Well…maybe you can’t rent The Louvre. Still, make sure to invite us if you throw the most lit Halloween party ever. (Power couples, we’re talking to you.)

GLOW: Zoya and Liberty Belle 

The wrestling might be fake, but their friendship is 100% real — once you get past the *minor* hurdles. Here’s to hoping your new bestie doesn’t accidentally break your leg!


Moth and Lamp

One of the strangest memes of 2018, this one is for the risk-takers out there. While it might require a little explanation, it’ll also make your fellow party-goers chuckle. We just hope your PDA doesn’t mimic your costume.


Zoolander and Hansel

Oh that Hansel, he’s so hot right now! (And so are you and your match). Pro-tip: Throw your friends the “Blue Steel” when you arrive for maximum effect.


Bob Ross and a Painting

There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. After all, isn’t that how you and your boo met? Bring a peaceful presence to the function by going as this lovable TV host of yesteryear and one of his masterpieces.

Yanny and Laurel

The aural version of the “blue dress / white dress” debate, this is another viral online phenomenon. Not one for elaborate getups? You and your match can just wear normal clothes and name tags. Let the heated debates commence.