Redefining The Queen Bee

Redefining The Queen Bee

What kind of woman comes to mind when you think of a “Queen Bee”?

Is it the mean girl surrounded by her fawning clique in the high school hallway? Is it the older woman in your office who seems like she’s out to get you? Maybe it’s Gossip Girl’s “Queen B,” Blair Waldorf.

Here at Bumble, we’re redefining Queen Bee for a new generation of strong women.

Our Queen Bee is more Beyoncé than Blair. She takes control of her life and takes up space. She makes the first move. She unapologetically goes after what she wants. The Queen Bee doesn’t need to ask for permission; the only person in control of her life is her.

This Queen Bee is kind, to others and to herself. She’s a smart, empowered woman who wants to lift other women up, not push them down. Our Queen Bee is enmeshed in her community, not hovering above it. She treats herself with compassion when she fails or falls. The Queen Bee knows she’s not perfect and owns that.

This kind of Queen Bee is redefining what it means to be a powerful woman. Bumble is taking the good parts of the stereotype – the urge to test the limits, the claiming of agency – and leaving the rest at the door.

Remember this next time someone tells you you’re “too aggressive” or interrupts you when you’re speaking: You’re the Queen Bee, and you have every right to be here.

We’re giving a shout-out to all the badass Queen Bees in our Hive today. We love you, honey! Get your Yoncé on. Take up space. We’re behind you all the way. 

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