WTF Do I Wear on a Day Date

1:Top 2: Shoes 3: Lipstick 4: Jeans 5: Keyring 6:Necklace 7: Bag 8: Sunglasses

The most exciting thing about a day date is you never know where the day is going to take you. You could start at lunch and end at a museum, or start at a baseball game and end at dinner. All in all, the possibility of spending the entire day together is hopefully high. While this possibility should give you those famed stomach-inhabiting butterflies, WTF do you wear?

Ideally, you want an outfit that can take you anywhere: Slightly casual without being too casual, put together without looking formal, and most importantly, comfortable! The above outfit is our top pick for all your day date needs. Best of luck on your date, badass bee!