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Friend Date Ideas, Based on Your Star Sign

By Amelia Quint

Planning a friend hangout that’s the right blend of comfortable and creative can be tough, but astrology can help! If you’re running short on ideas, your zodiac signs can help you figure out where you’re both more likely to relax, be yourselves, and have a great time together. Check the Zodiac Badge on their Bumble For Friends profile, then get to planning!

Aries | Take a fitness class

You’re hyper-motivated to reach your goals, and you’re looking for friends who are up for hitting personal bests alongside you. One great way to do that? Head to the gym together and take a fitness class. You can always set your pace based on how you’re both feeling that day, whether you opt for yoga flow or heavy lifting.

Taurus | Try vintage shopping

Style is your strong suit, and you could talk about anything aesthetically-pleasing for hours. For an unexpected friend date, head to the thrift store together and see what hidden gems you can find on those racks. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite outfit—and have a great memory behind it, too. Plus, you love snagging an impressive deal on something luxurious.

Gemini | Have a movie marathon

One thing you usually bond with friends over first? Pop culture. You want the shows you watch to be like a shared language, so if you’re getting to know someone, why not have a movie marathon? You can each pick a film that blew your mind when you were a kid, or watch the latest awards bait—all while sharing a huge bowl of popcorn.

Cancer | Book a spa day

You’re naturally great at curating comfortable spaces for other people—but for this friend date, take some time for self-care, together. If you want to really treat yourselves, you could always get mani-pedis or massages at a local spa. Or, hang out in your own bathroom to do face masks, swap skincare recs, or trade your fave products.

Leo | Go to a concert

Center stage is your favorite place to be, but standing on the front row is definitely a close second. So, for an unforgettable friend date, get tickets to a concert with your Bumble For Friends match! It’s an amazing excuse to wear your best outfits (sequins encouraged), dance until your legs hurt, and scream-sing the lyrics to your favorite songs together. 

Virgo | Visit a museum

When it comes to bonding with friends, it’s the intellectual connection that really counts in your book. And where better to spark that mental chemistry than at a museum? You can show off your smarts and talk about the art pieces or historical artifacts that inspire you both. Even better, you’ll get to have a substantial conversation, not just small talk. 

Libra | Indulge in some fine dining

Be honest—there’s a part of you that loves to be extravagant. So, for this friend date, make a reservation for some fine dining. A multi-course meal will give you time to really get to know each other, and you not-so-secretly love anything that’s a little old-school. Whether you go for a multi-course meal or just share some small plates, it’s delicious. 

Scorpio | Go to an amusement park

Facing your fears is your favorite pastime, so if you’re feeling courageous, pair up with one of your most intrepid friends and head to an amusement park. You can try out the scariest rides together (and laugh at the pictures taken of you at the end) or navigate your way out of an escape room. And if there’s a haunted house, you’re both all in. 

Sagittarius | Visit a bookstore

Whether you’re visiting new places or taking classes to add a skill to your repertoire, you’re always on the hunt for fresh ideas—and you’re looking for other people who are just as excited about learning as you are. A bookstore friend date gives you both the chance to share your latest discoveries as you explore the stacks. 

Capricorn | Have a potluck

You work hard, which is why you want the time you spend with friends to be simple. Instead of rushing out to a restaurant to meet up, stay in and cook dinner together. Pros: it’s practical and frugal. You’ll get to see what you’re both like at the end of a long day and save some money in the process. Who says hangouts have to be extravagant to be meaningful?

Aquarius | Make vision boards

At any given moment, you’re probably thinking about the future. You love talking with your friends about the goals you’re working towards, and hearing about theirs too. For a fun, DIY friend date, dig out your old magazines and craft supplies and make vision boards together. That way, you can cheer each other on as you put your plans into action. 

Pisces | Go to the zoo

One of the quickest ways to your heart? Cute animals. So if you’re looking for an unexpected friend date locale, head to the zoo and appreciate the wildlife together. You’ll soak up some vitamin D and enjoy being out in nature, while supporting conservation and learning about our planet. The icing on the cake? It makes for great Bumble For Friends pictures.