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4 Ways to Find a Mentor Who Can Help Shape Your Career

Whether you’re starting out in your career or are already well-established in your industry, there’s no denying mentors provide numerous benefits. They offer a wealth of experience and advice, and are usually pillars of support during crucial moments in a person’s career or life. But when it comes to actually finding a mentor, most people have no idea where to even begin. Below, a few suggestions on where you can find the right person to help shape your career.

Attend work events outside of the office

Whenever there’s a chance to mingle and get to know your coworkers in a setting outside of the office, don’t skip out. It’s at events like these that people usually get to know each other better than they would within the constraints of the workplace. These get togethers are a wonderful chance for you to chat and deepen your relationships with people whose careers you admire and who could become potential guides across your industry’s landscape.

Go on social media

Good mentors are always on the lookout for talented up-and-comers, which is why it’s a smart idea to have your personal website or LinkedIn profile up to date at all times. But if you’re looking for an easier approach to finding people, Bumble Bizz makes searching for potential mentors and mentees as easy as ever — plus a lot more fun, if you ask us! All the relevant information is right there at your fingertips: a short bio, relevant job experience, and educational background are all highlighted on a Bumble Bizz profile. Plus, the convenience of finding people in your area (Bumble Bizz pairs users by location) that you might have otherwise not met is unbeatable.

Keep an eye out for people you see as leaders

Write down the names of the people you know that inspire you, or those you think have a “dream job.” Start volunteering to work on projects with them. Get yourself noticed by them. If and when the time comes, ask for a one-on-one meeting where you can talk about their career path and discuss goals for your own.

Don’t limit yourself to looking for mentors in your field

TV powerhouse Oprah was mentored by writer Maya Angelou, while Microsoft founder Bill Gates calls businessman Warren Buffet his mentor. These are just two examples of highly successful people who looked for individuals with advice and experience outside of their industries. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to follow someone’s exact career path or trajectory in order to make it in your own field. And remember that sometimes it’s even more valuable to learn from a person with a completely different perspective from yours!