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Bumble, But for Besties? Yes! Here’s How to Use Bumble BFF

Building a strong community is key to a happy, healthy life, no matter your romantic relationship status. Think about it: The people who surround you, in a platonic sense, are the ones who support you through life’s up and downs. Whether recovering from a job loss or breakup — or, on the flip side, celebrating a promotion or marriage — it’s your friends who’ll be cheering you along and offering their encouragement.

That’s why we at Bumble created a way for our users to connect not only with potential partners but with new friends too. Why wouldn’t you use the same app your turn to for building meaningful romantic relationships (or, let’s be honest, some fun and fleeting ones!) to expand your circle of confidantes and cheerleaders? All you have to do is fire up Bumble BFF.

How to get started on Bumble BFF

The Bumble app has three modes: Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. Download Bumble, and you’ll have access to all of ‘em. Once you register an account, you’ll be taken to a home screen where you can choose one of the three modes. Scroll to the right to find Bumble BFF, and start building a profile to connect with potential friends nearby.

If you’re already a Date user, you can open the app and click the gray silhouette at the bottom left of your screen. Then, hit the setting icon and you’ll be brought to a menu where you can switch modes to BFF.

(Pro-tip: In a relationship? Or just not focusing on romance right now? If you want to remove Bumble Date from your app altogether, you can! Here’s how.)

Build your best profile

Now you’re registered on the app, build out your Bumble BFF profile. You’ll have the best experience if you use all the photo fields and complete the entire About section.

You might be surprised to know that the same profile tips we give for users on the dating side of the app still apply for BFF. That is, upload at least four photos that show you doing things you love. In that series of photos, include a few snaps of yourself, solo, that clearly show your face. That alone will increase your matches.

But to give your future besties an even better glimpse into your personality, link your Spotify and Instagram accounts to your profile. You’ll find those options beneath the About section.

Finally, it’s just as important to photo-verify your profile on BFF as it is on Date; you want your potential matches to feel confident that you are who you say you are.

Make a meaningful connection

As you’re swiping through Bumble BFF, spend time reading what others wrote about themselves. That’s how you’ll know if you have something in common and want to match in the first place, and how to make real friends online.

Similarly, let folks know what you’re all about and what you’re looking for in a new friendship. That could be anything from a fellow new mom (big shoutout to y’all — there’s no tougher gig!) to a weekend hiking buddy or a ‘90s sitcom fanatic.

Take it offline

We get that a first friend-hang can yield the same jitters you’d feel before a first date. You hope you’ll click, that the conversation will flow naturally, and that you picked the right kind of hangout.

You can always opt for something low-pressure like meeting for a walk, a cup of tea, or a cocktail. But if you really want to create an instant bond, go back to what you’ve said you both love — and do it together. That ceramics workshop you’ve been eyeing? Invite a kindred spirit. Want to try hot yoga but seeking moral support? Grab your new pal and go!

Don’t hesitate to check back with us for ideas — we have plenty, and we share them on our social accounts! Here are a few offbeat girl-gang hangs, for starters. And read this great Marie Claire piece on how to find true friendship once you’ve traded the college quad for office cubicles. (Hint: Bumble BFF is involved!)