Your Love Horoscope: Dating by the Stars in 2021

Your Love Horoscope: Dating by the Stars in 2021

by Amelia Quint

If “date better” is one of your New Year’s intentions, you’re not alone! Prioritizing love is so important, especially after a year as tough as 2020. We’re all recovering in our own way, and fortunately, the stars are aligned to help kickstart that healing in 2021.

Here’s what to expect as the year begins in earnest: with Jupiter, the planet of health and wealth, out of tough Capricorn and fresh into open-minded Aquarius for the coming months, you’ll have way more options for growth than you did over the past year. And thanks to responsible Saturn in Aquarius too, connections you make now are built to last. Even better, Aquarius is associated with tech, and the cosmic emphasis there means it’s a perfect time for online dating!

Things could get tricky when planetary wild card Uranus squares off with Jupiter on January 17. Your best bet is to expect the unexpected in love, and know you’ll land on your feet thanks to the assist from the lucky Red Giant. Meanwhile, Uranus syncs with fiery Mars on January 20, causing sparks to fly. There’s chemistry for sure, but make sure it’s sustainable.

All in all, the skies are looking much more optimistic in 2021 — mostly because you’ve learned how to reinvent your approach to love, and just about everything else! Stay flexible, and the planets will take care of the rest. Curious about how to kickstart your love life by the stars in 2021? Ahead, read for your sign (and maybe your crush’s too)!


Your dating motto in 2021? Don’t settle for less than what you’re worth! With your ruling planet Mars cozying up to rebellious Uranus on January 20, you’re more than willing to tell your potential matches what your standards are so they can rise up to meet them. For best results, be audacious in what you put on your “must have” list and direct when asking your dates about what they’re looking for in a partner — especially when lucky Jupiter in tech-savvy Aquarius squares off with Mars and Uranus on the 17th.


Mars and Venus are the two planets you want on your side when it comes to dating — and you start the new year with an assist from both! Spicy Mars in your sign from early January heats up your love life through the winter, and love goddess Venus in your adventurous ninth house pushes you outside your romantic comfort zone in the best way. Surprise planet Uranus has been retrograde in your sign since last summer, but after it spins direct on January 14, sparks could finally fly with someone special, especially as it aligns with Mars on January 20.


With social Mercury in your expansion zone from early January, it’s time to broaden your romantic horizons. The pandemic has already given you a head start on understanding the kind of creativity it takes to sustain a relationship in these strange times, but when lucky Jupiter in the same area of your horoscope squares off with wild Uranus in your spirituality sector, it’s clear you’re looking for a deeper connection than the usual opening lines can yield. When motivator Mars syncs with Uranus on January 20, radical honesty is the best policy.

Aquarius is associated with tech, which means it’s a perfect time for online dating!


Love goddess Venus in your relationship sector from early January is just about the best news you could hope for when it comes to dating in 2021! If you do the work of putting yourself out there, the universe will meet you halfway and deliver matches that truly light you up, especially under the new moon in the same part of your horoscope on January 13. A cosmic dust-up between enthusiastic Jupiter in your intimacy sector and intense Mars and Uranus in your friendship zone on January 17 will help you clarify boundaries in any budding partnerships before they accidentally get crossed.


With communicator Mercury in your relationship zone, you’re popular! If you’ve spent the holidays in hermit mode, this is the perfect time to come out of hibernation — and thanks to the sun in the same part of your horoscope on January 19, you’ll be radiant. When generous Jupiter squares off with tense Mars and Uranus in your career sector on the 17th, you’ll have to figure out the right balance between business and pleasure. Fortunately, a full moon in your sign on January 28 reminds you to prioritize yourself first.


Your ruling planet Mercury has moved into your health and habits zone this January, reminding you that solid routines give you the space you need to enjoy a romantic evening without feeling burnt out. Love goddess Venus is now in your pleasure zone, putting romance back on your agenda. With overachiever Jupiter squares off with volatile Mars and Uranus on January 17, you’ll probably still be a little overcommitted, but use this as a chance to flex your self-advocacy muscles.


You’re already an expert flirt, but with charming Mercury sliding into your crushes and creativity sector this January, your opening lines and gif game are even more impressive than usual! Your ruler, love goddess Venus, moves into your emotions zone that same day, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself balancing those flirtations with deeper feelings throughout the month. You’ll notice it most when Jupiter squares off with wild Mars and Uranus in your intimacy zone, cranking up the chemistry. Don’t be afraid to pump the brakes if things start burning too hot.


Intensity is already your specialty, but with passionate Mars in your relationship zone and cozying up to electric Uranus, you’re a lightning rod for romance. When Uranus finally turns direct on January 14 after a five-month backspin, you’re ready to change everything in the name of love. Even if you’re feeling restless, don’t rush, and instead give new connections time to unfold. Over-the-top Jupiter in your feelings sector as Mars and Uranus square off means emotions will be running high, so allow yourself the space and self-care you need to feel them.

All in all, the skies are looking much more optimistic in 2021.


With lucky Jupiter — your ruling planet — squaring off with unpredictable Uranus in your daily work sector this month, the real trick for your love life this year is scheduling the time to make it happen! Jupiter’s traveling through your communication zone, so speaking up for what you want is the first step on that journey. The tension is most intense on January 20, when wild Mars aligns with Uranus to deliver a moment of creative burnout. Remember, you get to choose your own priorities, and love can be one of them.


With strict Saturn finally out of your sign after a two-and-a-half year stay, you enter the dating world in 2021 feeling so much lighter. And with love goddess Venus now in Capricorn, you finally get to indulge in a sense of pleasure that’s been sorely lacking in your life, especially under the new moon in your sign on January 13. Later, lucky Jupiter in your work sector squares off with rebellious Mars and Uranus in your playful fifth house on January 17. The result? You learn to balance long-term goals with the joy of being present for love.


After the once-in-20-year alignment of lucky Jupiter and ambitious Saturn in your sign in December, you’re more motivated than ever to conquer your goals — and with social Mercury now in Aquarius, you’ll have plenty of support to help you do it. The toughest part will be stepping up your self-care to match this new level of success, especially when Jupiter squares off with Mars and Uranus in your feelings sector on January 17. Under the openhearted Leo full moon in your relationship zone on January 28, know that it’s okay to lean on the one you love in times of need.


You want your dates to feel like a movie scene, but in order to get that kind of experience in real life, you’ve got to communicate your desires. It’s a challenge for your introverted sign, but when lucky Jupiter in your dreamy twelfth house squares off with outspoken Mars and Uranus in your self-expression sector, you feel so much better when you tell your partner what you’re looking for with absolute clarity. Later, when your ruling planet Neptune squares off with the nodes of fate on January 26, you could match with someone who feels totally magical.