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The Best Date Conversation Topics According to Your Star Sign

By Amelia Quint

Next time you’re trying to chat with your crush through first-date nerves and can’t figure out what to say next, let astrology lead the way! Your star sign reveals what you get excited about, so knowing yours can make the conversation flow so much more effortlessly, even with those butterflies in your stomach. 

Curious what the best date conversation topics are according to your star sign? Read on to find out! (Bonus points for checking out your match’s Zodiac Badge and reading theirs too.)

Aries | Start a friendly debate

Instead of playing it safe, break the ice with a question that’s sure to ignite a friendly debate. For example, ask them their favorite pizza toppings and see how they react when you tell them how you really feel about pineapple! You love hearing them get passionate about their hot takes. 

Taurus | Talk about favorite foods

Everyone knows you’re the zodiac’s connoisseur, so share your excellent taste with your date and talk about foods you love the most. Whether it’s a new restaurant that’s serving up fine cuisine or a snack obsession you can’t live without, they’ll be lucky to hear your recs—and maybe you’ll get a few good ones too!

Gemini | Discuss pop culture

You’ve got your pulse on pop culture, and your signature sense of humor means you can easily spin a topic you saw trending on social media into a joke to make your date laugh. It’ll show them you don’t take everything you see on the internet too seriously, and you’ll win them over with your wit.

Cancer | Show your dream home

Having a cozy living space is a must for you, and you’ve probably got a mood board dedicated to your future abode. Sharing your dream home wish lists could be surprisingly intimate, and it’s a clever way to find out if you’d be compatible living together in the future. 

Leo | Bond over movies and music

You love a good performance, which is why you’re always watching and listening to the latest new releases in movies and albums. Share a few of your favorites with your date and ask them to give you their top three artists and TV shows of the past year. If your tastes align, you’ll know you’ve met your match. 

Virgo | Prioritize personal growth

Health and wellness are at the top of your priority list, and you’re looking for a partner who’s ready to reach their goals too. To get the conversation started, talk about the exercises that get your blood pumping or what self-care routines help you relax after you’ve put in the work. 

Libra | Discover their style influences

For you, style is so much more than just clothes—it’s a form of self-expression. So why not share your aesthetic influences with your date? They’ll love hearing the inspiration behind your look, and you can ask them about what artists, designers, and other creatives have been inspiring them lately. 

Scorpio | Do a deep dive

First dates usually start out with small talk, but not yours. Ditch the surface-level topics and don’t be afraid to dive deep into shared obsessions and what makes them tick. Instead of sticking to mundane, predictable questions, ask them about the mysteries of the universe and see what happens!

Sagittarius | Share what you’re learning

You’re always open to new knowledge and experiences, so ask your date what they’ve been learning lately! (Spoiler: if they say “nothing really,” that’s a red flag for your star sign.) It’s a great way for you to share something you’ve been studying, whether it’s a new language or a skill you’ve picked up.

Capricorn | Lead with your goals

It’s no secret that your hardworking sign is one of the most ambitious of the zodiac, so why not lead with that energy? You need a partner who’s as enterprising as you are, so ask your date what five-year goals are on their vision board and see if they’re aligned with your long-term plan.

Aquarius | Find out their quirks

When it comes to dating, you’re looking for someone with the same quirks or eclectic tastes as you— and that’s a good thing. To kick things off, test the waters by asking your match their favorite geeky passions. Whether it’s sci-fi and fantasy or a cult favorite band, you’re sure to discover something fun about them.

Pisces | Make a wish

You’re a dreamer and can be a little shy at first. If you aren’t sure what to say to your date, put your imagination to good use and ask them what they’d do if they had three wishes! It’s so much fun to create fantasy scenarios with them, and their answers may  reveal a lot about their deeper desires.