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It started with...
Going on a fun date, falling in love, finding a new bestie–it’s all success to us. But how did it start?Maybe it was finding out that you were both deeply obsessed with the same band growing up. Or maybe it was a small walk that turned into a 4-hour long hike. Bumble may have brought you two together, but it was you who made that “aha” moment happen.We want to hear about that moment.
Luke & Amanda
It started with an around the world trip.
Amanda swiped right on Luke not only because she thought he was cute, but because she recognized all of his photos from around the world. As avid travelers they had plenty to talk about, and their chemistry after the first date was undeniable. So, what was the catch? Luke had to move across the country. They stayed in touch, but it was a decision to meet up in Portugal that made them realize no amount of distance could get in the way of their connection.
Lexie & Kay
It started with a left swipe.
When Kay accidentally swiped left on Lexie, they panicked, and immediately bought Premium to be able to go back and swipe on her profile. They just had a feeling about her—Kay even predicted that Lexie would become their wife. Their amazing first date quickly turned into a relationship, and Lexie eventually even helped Kay realize they were non-binary. After navigating that together, Kay had a feeling their prediction might come true.
It started with being a little scared.
Stephanie wasn’t accustomed to sending the first message on dating apps. In fact, she’d been struggling with her confidence since she was a teenager. That changed when she decided to take control of her dating life and get on Bumble, where she had to approach men. It was scary at first, but she quickly found herself enjoying coming up with questions. It even became a new talent of hers. Before she knew it, she was making moves in all areas of life with courage she’d never felt before.
It happened on Bumble...
but how did it really start?
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