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How to Reset Your Dating Life This Spring, According to Your Sign

By Amelia Quint

If you’re ready for a spring clean of your love life, this season’s stars are aligned for you to do exactly that. Between Mercury retrograde helping you shift your perspective, eclipse season hitting the reset button on your approach to dating, and Jupiter entering sensual Taurus, prepare to wrap up this three-month stretch with a totally different outlook on romance.

Curious how all this will affect your zodiac sign? Read on to find out! (Check your Bumble match’s Zodiac Badge on their profile and read their horoscope while you’re at it, too.)


It might sound contradictory when it comes to dating, but this spring, focusing on yourself is one of the best things you can do. That’s because you’re in the stellar spotlight on April 20, when a solar eclipse in your sign aligned with lucky Jupiter gives you the confidence boost you’ll need to really put yourself out there. It might be the last day of your zodiac season, but it’s the first day of a whole new personal era.

After that, an intense Scorpio lunar eclipse in your intimacy sector on May 5 ramps up your urge to find a partner. You’re usually super independent, so this push from the universe might come as a surprise! Fortunately, both romance planets (that’s Mars and Venus) move into your crushes sector right after (on May 20 and June 5, respectively). So don’t be afraid to flirt a little more with your Bumble match.


You’re usually the slow-and-steady type in relationships, but with last year’s pair of Scorpio eclipses in your partnership zone, you might’ve felt like jumping into the deep end with a new love interest. That’s because these amplified new and full moons bring major changes. On May 5, another Scorpio lunar eclipse shines a spotlight on what kind of romantic partnership you’re looking for. 

Maybe you’ll meet someone, or maybe you’ll delete a person’s number for good. (You know the one.) Either way, the Sagittarius full moon in your intimacy zone on June 3 puts you in the mood for closer connection that feels more freeing and like you can actually be yourself around them. It might be a deeper commitment, but it gives you way more space to open up.


When beauty and love planet Venus is in your sign, it may be your best four weeks of the year for romance. This year, it’s happening in the spring—from April 11 to May 7 to be exact! If you’ve been feeling less than your best, it’s a great time to treat yourself, whether that’s trying a new hairstyle or going on a spontaneous spring break trip. You’re already charming, but when you’re feeling confident, it’s so much easier to muster up the courage to chat with new people.

After that, mark your calendar for June 3, when a wild Sagittarius full moon lights up your relationship zone. You could go on a romantic adventure with your Bumble date, or connect with someone who inspires you to grow and try something new. Whether it’s a cuisine you haven’t sampled yet, or a class on a subject you’ve always been curious about, you’ll be sure to make memories this season.


When it comes to relationships, you’re looking for something profound. With powerful Pluto fresh in your intimacy zone from March 23, you’re a magnet for connections that go beyond surface level. Pay attention on May 17, when wise Jupiter in your social sector squares off with Pluto to help you figure out early dating boundaries, like meeting each other’s friends.

In the meantime, a Scorpio lunar eclipse in your flirtatious fifth house on May 5 could inspire you to send a few heart-racing messages to your Bumble match—or reveal your feelings to someone special. And with love planet Venus in your sign from May 7 to June 7, you’re even more amorous than usual. 


You’re usually the bright and sunny one in your relationships, but since profound Pluto moved into your partnership zone on March 23, you’ve been far more comfortable exploring any issues that have been bubbling under the surface. Pay attention on May 17, when growth-oriented Jupiter in your career zone squares off with Pluto, reminding you to talk about your professional goals with your Bumble date to make sure they’re aligned. Fortunately, Jupiter in sync with Saturn on June 19 makes it easier to strike a balance between business and pleasure.

With Saturn in your intimacy sector since March 7, you’ve been thinking more seriously about what you want to share with your Bumble match, whether that’s becoming exclusive, or even having a drawer at their place. When Saturn retrogrades on June 17, you’ll be even more introspective over the next four months. 


Some people are comfortable talking about sex and what they want in relationships, but with your reserved nature, it might not come as effortlessly to you. Fortunately, the universe gives you an assist on April 20, when a solar eclipse aligns with open-minded Jupiter in your intimacy zone to help you share your desires with your Bumble match or acknowledge them for yourself. And since eclipses bring major breakthroughs, it could signal a total reset for your love life.

After that, Pluto retrograde backtracks into your crushes sector on June 11 to tie up any loose romantic ends. Pluto spends between 14 to 20 years in one part of your horoscope, so it makes sense to take your time before leaving this era behind for good. You’ll also have support from Saturn retrograde in your relationship-focused seventh house from June 17 to rethink what commitment means to you. With Jupiter syncing up with Saturn a few days later on June 19, you want it to feel like an adventure, not a slog.


You’re a romantic, and though life doesn’t always have the same plans, it does this season! On April 20, an Aries solar eclipse in your relationship zone aligned with lucky Jupiter marks a fresh start in dating. It’s so fresh, you might not even recognize where those desires are coming from, especially with perspective-shifting Mercury retrograde there from April 21 until May 14.

Luckily for you, generous Jupiter moves into the same territory on May 16, turning any awkward situationships or mixed signals into opportunities to heal from old heartbreaks. This is especially true when it squares off with profound Pluto on May 17. Under the Taurus new moon on May 19, you could start a partnership that has a completely new dynamic—and when Jupiter syncs with Saturn in your daily habits zone on June 19, you might realize it’s way healthier than what you had before. 


What do you really want in your relationships? With Mercury retrograde in your partnership zone from April 21 to May 14, that’s exactly the question the universe will be prompting you to answer. If you’ve been feeling discontent in your dating journey recently, use this introspective moment to take stock of why. The lunar eclipse in your sign on May 5 shines a spotlight on how much you’ve grown in the past year.

The good news? Lucky Jupiter in your relationship sector on May 16 is the perfect time to meet fascinating new people. Thanks to Venus, the sun, Mars, and a new moon in your intimate eighth house (on May 21, June 11, and June 18, respectively), you’ll probably feel ready to share your deepest secrets with them from the start. That level of vulnerability is both exciting and scary, but luckily, that’s your favorite kind of experience.


Having fun is already your go-to strategy for anything you do, but this is especially true when a solar eclipse and lucky Jupiter sync up in your pleasure-focused fifth house on April 20. You recommit to feeling good in your relationships, and instead of putting so much pressure on long-term outcomes, you’ll enjoy the fluttery excitement of flirting, having crushes, and going on Bumble dates.

You double down on romance this season thanks to love planet Venus in your relationship sector from April 21 to May 7 and your intimacy zone from May 7 to June 3. Those are two of your best times of the year for pairing up, so get your Bumble opening lines ready and start swiping! Independence is your default setting, but during these periods, give companionship a try. 


Be honest—commitment is usually your first priority. You’re looking for something that lasts, so much so that you might put off having fun in the moment. But with perspective-shifting Mercury retrograde in your pleasure sector from April 21 to May 14, the universe pulls your focus to what feels good. Whether it’s crushing on someone or actually leaving the house to go on Bumble dates, lucky Jupiter starting its 13-month stay there from May 16 puts pleasure back on your schedule.

Love and beauty planet Venus in your relationship zone from May 7 to June 5—and your intimate eighth house right after—primes you for romance. Sometimes you can be buttoned-up, but you’ll likely be way more affectionate than usual. Finally, profound Pluto backtracks into your sign on June 11 to wrap up a period of personal transformation and major changes. Pluto spent the past 14 years helping you shapeshift into a new version of you, but your relationships might need a little more time to catch up.


Get your best banter ready, because for you, this spring is all about flirting. With Venus in your crushes sector from April 11 to May 7, you’re quite the charmer, so don’t be afraid to ask your Bumble match out and show them a good time. The sun moves through the same part of your horoscope from May 21, adding to your charisma—and social planet Mercury there from June 11 means you’ll likely be at the top of everyone’s invite lists.

On top of that, hyper-motivated Mars in your relationship zone from May 20 gives you the courage to strike up conversations without overthinking them. You’re audacious, but Venus there from June 5 means you won’t come on too strong. You manage to project confidence without being too cocky, and it looks great on you.


You’ve had passion planet Mars in Cancer, your flirtatious fifth house, since March 25, adding a little extra spice to your love life. But this emotionally-driven sign is one of the toughest for Mars to express itself in, so you might have felt like your feelings were spilling out all over the place. Fortunately, Venus there from May 7 to June 5 smooths over any awkwardness and ramps up the romance, and after Mars exits on May 20, you’ll feel more in control. 

Meanwhile, you’ve had serious Saturn in your sign from March 7, reminding you that, yes, life has responsibilities. It’s not easy, but you’re up to the challenge and ready for personal growth, even if it means your relationships have to change along with it. When Saturn starts its four-month retrograde in your sign on June 17, reflect on how you’ve grown and how you’d now like your love life to evolve.