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A Letter to Recent Graduates from Bumble

The end of the school year is a strange, exciting time for college students and recent grads. Days are spent job hunting, saying goodbyes, and trying to catch up on ten months worth of sleep. Last week, on 104 campuses across the country, our college ambassadors passed out thousands of diplomas — but with a Bumble twist. We encouraged current students and recent grads to make the first move in all parts of their lives, whether that be in a job, a relationship, or even just a conversation. We want you all to know we have your back, whatever new venture — or adventure — comes calling your name.

You can read the full letter from Bumble below.

Hey You!

It’s amazing how fast a school year flies by. Take a second to look back at it: the classes, projects, parties, and friendships. Think of all the memories that shaped your year. It probably felt like an eternity and, at the same time, the blink of an eye.

As the year closes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some days, it seems like you’ve got it all figured out. Others, that you don’t have your life together. That it’s impossible.

Here’s the thing you might sometimes forget: you’ve got this. Whether it’s an internship, a job offer, a relationship ending or beginning, a conversation with your parents, moving cross-country, or simply standing up for yourself, remember this: no one is better equipped to handle it than you are right now.

It’s inevitable that whatever plans you make will change. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now. You don’t have to know what you’ll be doing in five years. You just have to keep growing.

Try to wake up every day determined to make the most of your time on this little blue dot we all share. If you commit to that, and just that, you’ll be amazed to find that you don’t need to become anything. You’re already the best version of yourself.

If you feel on top of the world, keep going. If you feel stuck, all you have to do is make a move.

We love you. We’re so proud of you.

Keep doing you.

You’ve got this.