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Bumble BFF Success Stories: Mya, Autumn, and Dani

Mya, what stood about Dani’s profile? 

We knew each other prior to Bumble, so the interests she mentioned on her profile (beauty, fashion, shopping, music and crafting) were those we shared and connected over previously. If Bumble BFF had been around sooner, we definitely would have matched online. 

Autumn, what stood out about Dani’s profile? 

I loved Dani’s aesthetic on Bumble and in her profile she mentioned she was interested in photography and videography. At the time I had just enrolled in night school photography classes so I thought we would have a lot in common. I also noticed her website ( and also being interested in art, I thought we would get along great!

Autumn, what stood about Mya’s profile? 

Mya’s profile had lots of artistic portraits, which definitely made her creative side stand out. In reading her profile, I also found out she loved sangria – ‘nuff said.

Dani, what stood out about Mya’s profile? As Mya mentioned, we knew each other before using Bumble. Although, I have to say, once I saw that Kim Possible reference in her profile, I would have swiped right on her ASAP even if we were strangers.

Mya, what stood out about Autumn’s profile? 

We had similar interests: art / creative projects, social media …and sangria! 

Dani, what stood out about Autumn’s profile? 

I noticed Autumn’s profile right away! I am very picky when it comes to girlfriends, even more so than when I am picking significant others. Autumn’s bright and creative profile photos, as well as the words DIY, blogging and photography, caught my attention immediately. To be honest, I had to creep her on Instagram before deciding to swipe right, but I’m so glad I did and that we connected

What was your first BFF date? 

We had our first Bumble BFF blind date on a road trip. We literally all met for the first time in Dani’s car, heading 4 hours north of the city to Muskoka, which is cottage country. We vlogged the trip, stopped along the side of the road for photo ops and ate ice cream by the lake. There’s nothing like several hours of sitting all together in a moving vehicle that can bring new friends together. We really got to know one another that day and it’s been fun planning exciting new adventures together!

What plans do you have for your next BFF date?

We are currently planning a girls trip to Miami for Art Basel in December. Palm trees, art exhibits and drinks in South Beach are the perfect mix for our creative trio. In the nearer future, we will likely meet up somewhere visually interesting on Queen St. West (Toronto), eat/Snapchat lots of food, and plan how we can take over the world.