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Calling All Honeys and Queen Bees! Apply for Bumble Ambassador Programs Here

Looking to be a Bumble ambassador?

Bumble ambassadors make the first move. They unapologetically go after what they want. They’re kind to themselves and others. They’re smart, empowered individuals who want to lift others up, not push them down.

Our ambassadors are leaders. They’re highly involved in their communities, not hovering above them. They know they’re not perfect and own that. They’re Bumble team members supporting grassroots marketing, events, partnerships, local PR, community research and content creation to grow awareness for Bumble as a mission-driven platform and brand.

Who are we looking for?

Our goal is to build an inclusive and diverse community that’s intelligent, kind, and empowered. We especially want to include those with a variety of different viewpoints, backgrounds, cultures, and identities.


We offer two programs: Bumble Honey and Queen Bee. 

The Bumble Honey program is for current university students looking to gain invaluable marketing experience and build a community on their campus. 

Each campus has one Campus Director who leads our marketing efforts at that university, plus multiple Campus Ambassadors. Campus Ambassadors support all marketing initiatives organized by their Campus Director. Interested? Apply here.  

The Queen Bee program is for individuals who are not currently enrolled in an undergraduate university program. Within the Queen Bee program, we offer multiple part-time roles depending on experience and desired level of involvement. 

Queen Bees are expected to be the face of Bumble in their city and spread our mission and values to their communities. Responsibilities include marketing, PR, and event coordination. Interested? Apply here.