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Bumble Joins Forces With the National Domestic Violence Hotline to Help Stop Abusive Relationships

Bumble’s guiding mission has always been to foster a world free of misogyny, where all relationships are equitable, healthy, and safe — starting with each first move made on our app. Unfortunately, intimate partner violence remains an epidemic affecting millions of people and it comes in many forms.

In response, Bumble is making its first multi-year pledge as the presenting sponsor of love is respect, a program of the National Domestic Violence Hotline that engages, educates, and empowers young people to identify, prevent, and end dating abuse. 

Love is respect is a safe, inclusive space that connects users with information, resources, and support so that they can recognize the signs of dating abuse and how to prevent it. Anyone can visit to learn more about warning signs of dating abuse, to find information about healthy relationships, or to confidentially connect with a live advocate via phone, chat, or text. 

Bumble and the National Domestic Violence Hotline both believe that everyone deserves a safe and respectful relationship no matter what. We’re committed to helping our community forge healthy relationships both online and IRL, and we’re grateful to partner with love is respect as we work towards this shared goal.