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How to Prepare Your Relationships for Eclipse Season

By Amelia Quint

Every year has months that feel like the season finale to whatever story has been unfolding in your life. You know the ones: they’re busy, intense, and tend to crop up every six months or so. If you pay attention to when these happen, you might find that they align with one of the year’s two eclipse seasons! Eclipses are heightened new and full moons that push you in the direction of your destiny, guiding you towards people, places, and opportunities that accelerate your personal growth. Solar eclipses act like new moons and initiate important fresh starts, while lunar eclipses are similar to full moons, shining a spotlight on your accomplishments or completing a cycle.

Here’s how it works: eclipses fall into a pair of opposing signs that share a similar theme. For example, they’re currently in Taurus and Scorpio, which are both focused on security, value, and intimacy. They’ll alternate between the two signs, putting the cosmic emphasis on those areas of your life throughout the time they’re in that part of your horoscope, which is typically a year and a half. Like your favorite TV show, you can think of each eclipse in those signs as an episode in a series with an overarching plot. You’ll meet new characters, explore unexpected settings, and experience more than a few twists and turns along the way.

Eclipse seasons prompt big changes and major milestones, so it’s only natural that your relationships would change along with you. It’s worth remembering that everyone you meet is experiencing challenges, especially during these astrologically potent periods. Give other people (and yourself!) grace, because schedules, priorities, and emotions could shift at a moment’s notice. In partnerships, it’s best to talk about your long-term plans before this busy time arrives, and be patient with each other while you’re in the thick of it.

This eclipse season kicks off on April 30 with a solar eclipse in Taurus, the sign of money, beauty, and the material world. It lands on changemaker Uranus, so this is a significant upgrade to your mindset when it comes to  wealth, your wardrobe, and your self-worth. It might be unexpected, but it’ll pay off in the long run! After that, a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16 gives you relationship x-ray vision, revealing the deeper feelings behind your partnership patterns. It squares responsible Saturn, which gives you the support you’ll need to set boundaries with both yourself and the ones you love.

What does this eclipse season have in store for you? Read for your sun and rising signs to find out! 


Are you getting what you’re worth? If the answer is no, the savvy Taurus solar eclipse on April 30 gives you a chance to increase both your cash flow and confidence. Whether it’s a new job or moving away from relationships where you don’t feel valued, it’s worlds away from anything you’ve done before, and it’s a welcome change of pace. The corresponding Scorpio lunar eclipse in your resources sector on May 16 could cause impostor syndrome to flare, but trust that what you have to offer is a treasure.


The solar eclipse in your sign on April 30 feels like a big reveal of who you’ve become, but the truth is, you’ve been making yourself over slowly but surely since Uranus moved into Taurus back in 2018. You’re at the top of your game, and under the intimate Scorpio lunar eclipse in your relationship zone on May 16, you’re ready for your partner to give you a deeper level of satisfaction. Solo growth is amazing, but it feels even better when your significant other is on the journey with you.


Your busy sign loves moving at a fast pace, but under the steady Taurus solar eclipse in your rest and recovery zone on April 30, the stars are aligned for you to slow things down. It’s an important reset, and one that reminds you that you don’t have to be productive constantly in order to be worthy of a break. Under the corresponding Scorpio lunar eclipse in your daily work sector on May 16, setting ground rules for your routine reminds you that you have more power than you realize. 


You usually only open up to a tight-knit group of people, but under the generous Taurus solar eclipse in your friendship zone on April 30, your social circle widens to let in wonderful people, from like-minded partners to potential mentors. After that, the secretive Scorpio lunar eclipse in your crushes and creativity sector on May 16 encourages you to think carefully about which close friendships are serving you. Don’t be afraid to keep your love life and works in progress private, only sharing details with a select few. 


There’s no such thing as a completely stable career choice, and under the savvy Taurus solar eclipse on April 30, you’re able to spin industry changes or a desire to break away from your past work into a lucrative opportunity. If you’re not sure what move to make next (literally or figuratively), listen to your instincts under the sensitive Scorpio lunar eclipse in your home and heart sector on May 16 and go with your gut. Whether you end up in a new living space or just a new frame of mind, it feels so much better. 


You usually plan things far in advance, but under the pleasure-driven Taurus solar eclipse in your wanderlust zone on April 30, you could get an unexpected offer to follow what feels good over what’s worked in the past. As long as you’ve got the details covered (and you almost always do!), it’s an exciting chance to explore new territory. First, you’ve got to express your desire for change to the ones you love. Fortunately, the intimate Scorpio lunar eclipse in your communication zone on May 16 helps you do it clearly and with care.


Sharing is your strong suit, but under the luxury-loving Taurus solar eclipse in your intimacy zone on April 30, you remember how good it feels to keep certain parts of your life special, just for yourself and the ones who really get you. After that, the powerful Scorpio lunar eclipse in your wealth sector on May 16 reconnects you to your most valuable resources, and helps you restructure your portfolio to invest more of your money, time, energy, and happiness into things you love. 


Your deeply devoted sign brings so much care to relationships, and under the loyal Taurus solar eclipse in your partnership zone on April 30, you finally open up to receiving as much love as you give. It feels good to be supported, especially when the lunar eclipse in your sign on May 16 brings necessary changes to the way you’ve done things before. You’ve got everything you need to be the best version of yourself, and your next adventure is deciding what that looks like.


You’re a free spirit, but under the grounded Taurus solar eclipse in your daily habits sector on April 30, your life gets way more luxurious when you give yourself a routine. Whether it’s a new day job or simply a regular self-care ritual (think supplements or skin care), it’s an invitation to get back in touch with your body and its rhythms. After that, a deep Scorpio lunar eclipse in your rest and recovery zone on May 16 helps you heal on a deeper level by taking a creative retreat or strategic pause. You love getting to know others, but first, get to know yourself.


For your ambitious sign, work is your playground—but thanks to the pleasure-driven Taurus solar eclipse in your crushes and creativity zone on April 30, you’re reminded that feeling good isn’t frivolous. In fact, your cosmic assignment under this influence is to flirt, date, and have fun without guilt. Under the corresponding Scorpio lunar eclipse in your social sector on May 16, you realize you’re ready to meet more people who share your joie de vivre or let go of ones who don’t. Make sure your friend group reflects where you’re going, not just where you’ve been.


You’re the zodiac’s rebel, but you might surprise yourself when the grounded Taurus solar eclipse in your home and heart sector on April 30 inspires you to put down roots or commit to where you are right now. You build a beautiful living space, whether that’s an actual residence or an emotional state that feels comforting and safe. Under the private Scorpio lunar eclipse in your career zone on May 16, setting fresh work-life boundaries or limiting social media use helps you protect what’s most important and feel more powerful.


If you’ve been waiting to tell someone how you feel, the sweet Taurus solar eclipse in your communication zone on April 30 is your moment! It’s the ideal time to share a message straight from the heart, whether it’s confessing your feelings to a crush, having an inspiring conversation, or bonding with someone new. After that, the intense Scorpio lunar eclipse in your learning sector on May 16 reveals an area where you could sharpen your skills with dedicated practice. It might not be easy at first, but what you discover in the process is well worth it.