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10 Galentine’s Day Ideas to Try This February

By Jess Novak

For those who don’t know, Galentine’s Day is a relatively new (and, well, kind of made-up) holiday that’s all about celebrating the women and friendships in your life. While Galentine’s Day technically falls on February 13, you can absolutely host a Galentine’s event the weekend before or on Valentine’s Day. After all, any day is a good day to make your Bumble BFFs and friends feel appreciated and loved! Here are some fun ideas to bring you and your girlfriends even closer together this Galentine’s. 

Enjoy afternoon tea

Make your Galentine’s Day date girly and adorable by heading to a local tea parlor or teatime at a hotel. It will give you the opportunity to dress up and try something new with friends. If you want something more DIY, you can host your own tea party at home and have friends bring some of the treats.

Put together a storytelling night

Want to do some serious bonding? Try gathering your friends and challenging each other to tell stories they’ve never shared before.There’s nothing that can deepen your friendship like confiding secrets and experiences, whether they’re profound, embarrassing, or just plain silly.   

Rent a hotel room

Get your crew to go in on a snazzy hotel room for the evening and go all out: lounge around in super-fluffy robes, stay up late watching movies, order room service, and swim in the pool. If you’d rather opt for more space, consider a rental home, where you and your friends can enjoy a low-key time playing your favorite board games and cooking a great dinner together. 

Go on a shopping spree

Is going on a shopping spree a cliché? Maybe. Is it super cathartic and fun? Definitely. Meet your friends at your favorite strip of boutiques or head to a classic mall like you’re teenagers in the 80s, and treat yourselves to at least one item you wouldn’t normally buy. Or, you can make it a game by challenging each other to find an item that best represents your friendship. 

Host a movie marathon

Vote on what movies you’re going to watch ahead of time in the group chat, and you can keep things on-theme by choosing movies that feature best friends or that are all about friendship. Next, make your living room as comfy as possible (floor pillows can absolutely take the place of traditional seating if you’re low on couch space). Ask each of your friends to bring their favorite movie snack, too, so you can all share. 

Order for each other

Are you and your besties long distance? You can still celebrate Galentine’s Day with them! Have dinner “together” by ordering each other’s meals and having them delivered (don’t tell them what it is beforehand) and then spend the night chatting on the phone or on a video call while you eat. 

Go for an apps and desserts night

Whether or not you’re heading to a Valentine’s Day dinner the next night, you and your friends can still have your own dinner date. To switch things up, opt to share a bunch of appetizers and then jump straight to the dessert menu.

Have a gift exchange

Make your friends feel special and valued with a card and gift exchange. Write a card to each of your friends (and have them do the same), and exchange gifts that remind you of each other. If you want to keep costs down, you can set a budget and then do a secret santa-type exchange, or just stick to cards.

Take a jewelry making class

Even if you don’t make “BFF” bracelets, making jewelry together will leave you with something that will remind you of your friendship every time you wear it. You can head to a class and learn how to make something new, or pick up some beads and charms at a craft store and host a DIY workshop at home.

Do your “signature” hang

What kind of things do you and your friends generally do together? Is it going for walks? Watching reality TV? Getting brunch? Whatever it is, you can find a way to make that thing you generally do together even more special. For instance, if it’s grabbing a coffee, you can plan to meet at a fancy cafe to enjoy their specialty roasts, or if it’s seeing movies, you can go to a theater that serves meals during the film.