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Get the Support You’re Missing at Work with Women in Bizz Feature

Next time you’re in a meeting, take a look around. Are you one of many men? Or are you the only woman in the room? If you picked the latter, join the club! A recent study shows that one in five women says they’re often the lone woman present in any given work situation. The same report shows that while women are underrepresented at every level, women of color are the least likely to find their counterparts in boardrooms or c-suites.

To help women foster the kind of community they report they’re missing at work, we’re introducing Women in Bizz. Through this new feature, available now in Bumble Bizz, women have the option to limit their professional networking exclusively to other women.

Switch on the feature by going to the settings menu, navigating to the “I want to network with…” option, and selecting “Women Only.” We hope women embrace the opportunity to help foster each others’ development and ask for the time they may not be getting in the work place.

One quick favor: If you opt into Women in Bizz, be sure to pull up a seat for the next woman who walks through your office’s doors and pass along what you’ve learned. Success is sweeter when shared, isn’t it?

To spotlight women who’ve made their mark in traditionally male-dominated fields including finance, automotive, and energy, Bumble will also be hosting Women In Bizz dinners this March across the U.S. There are fewer seats for women available in these industries, which often creates a hyper-competitive environment. Every woman invited to the Bizz dinners is asked to bring a mentee.