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Four Offbeat Ideas for Your Next Girl-Gang Hang

By Amma Marfo

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing drinks or brunch with the ladies in your lives, whether to celebrate job successes, commiserate over bad dates or just compare notes on Netflix favorites. But every now and again, you’ll want to do something that doesn’t involve splitting a check. Consider one of these offbeat girl gatherings next time you get your crew together.

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Trade Up and Trade Out

Instead of throwing away piles of unwanted clothes, accessories and household items during your annual spring clean, why not organize a swap? Your friends will each leave with a few freebies and you’ll have done a good deed by recycling. Take what’s left over to a clothing bank or nonprofit that accepts donations.

Give a Little Bit

There are communal ways to give back that also allow for bonding with friends. Volunteer at a local food pantry, or take it outside to a park or beach cleanup. You’ll be connecting with the women in your life while helping your community.

Make a Crafternoon Of It

Are your Pinterest boards full of scarves you intend to knit, prints you need to frame, and recipes you’ve been meaning to test? Host a “crafternoon” your friends and tackle these projects together. You could even have one friend teach a skill they’ve mastered to the the group. There’s also no rule against doing this with a jug or two of homemade sangria.

Animal Instincts

No room in your apartment for pets? Area shelters, training programs and adoption networks are often in search of volunteers. You’ll be helping these creatures acclimate, spending time with the animal lovers in your life — and maybe even bringing down your own blood pressure.

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