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Here’s What the Stars Have in Store For You This Holiday Season

by Amelia Quint

If you’ve heard that saying that you don’t really know someone until you’ve celebrated a holiday with them, it’s hard to deny that it’s true. What you love most about this time of year says a lot about your personality, just like your zodiac sign!

When you think about it, everyone’s ideal celebration is going to be a little bit different. You might be someone who lights up at big parties, or maybe you prefer cozy, at-home hangouts (In which case, we have some movie recommendations).

Not sure what kind of winter festivities you’re feeling this year? Read on to find out what you should do over the winter break according to your zodiac sign!


Your sign rules the self, which is why you should make this holiday season all about you! If you can swing it, be sure to schedule some quality alone time for self-care, whether it’s taking a bath or catching up on some much-needed sleep. If you’re feeling ambitious (which you always are), get a cute advent calendar and give yourself a little gift everyday! Things that make you feel beautiful are a must, from good skincare products to vitamins that nourish your body.


With beauty goddess Venus as your sign’s patron, it goes without saying that you’ll be celebrating the holiday in style! You love the physical sensations of the season, which is why you should wrap yourself in the softest blankets, sleep on the highest thread-count sheets, and eat the best food you can get your hands on. If you want to go all out, book yourself a room at a wine estate or luxury hotel. The decorations will make the locale look even more sumptuous!


Social Mercury is your sign’s ruler, which is why you’re happiest spending the season surrounded by friends. Instead of the standard family and office gatherings, throw an old-school slumber party for your crew that’s a playful twist on the classics. Invite everyone to wear their favorite ugly sweater, and top it off with a white elephant gift exchange. You have a good sense of humor about things, and your holiday festivities should too.

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Cancer is the sign of home, which is exactly where you’ll want to be for the holidays. You always have the best decorations because you put so much love and care into creating an atmosphere where your friends and family can feel comforted. Food helps set a cozy mood, so invite your loved ones over for a dessert potluck! Once you’re all together, making gingerbread houses is an activity that has all your favorite ingredients: sweets, crafts, and a hint of nostalgia.


With the bright, shining sun as your patron, you can’t resist the glitz and glamor of New Year’s Eve. This year, put on your sparkliest outfit and host a party your friends will remember for years to come! Don’t be afraid to sing, dance, and kiss someone when the ball drops in Times Square. While you’re at it, partner up with your friends to collect clothing and other items for people in need. You’ve got a big, open heart, and the world needs more people like you.


You never stop working, but this holiday season, you owe it to yourself to turn on that out-of-office message! Even your hyperconnected sign needs some time off the grid. Instead of sneaking a peek at your inbox, switch things up by sending out a few old-school holiday letters. You love the act of writing longhand, so indulge in some luxe stationery and scribble away. The people in your orbit will be impressed you took the time to write such a thoughtful note.


What’s a Libra’s favorite thing about the holidays? It’s the perfect excuse to be fancy! You love any opportunity to dress things up, especially when it means adorning your space with perfectly-placed greenery, spiced candles, and twinkling lights. Even better, invite your friends out for a black tie dinner to ring in the New Year. Wear something that makes you feel as good as you look, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos to commemorate the occasion.


There’s no doubt about it: Scorpio is definitely on the naughty list! Thanks to the cold weather and winter wonderland ambience, you’re more than ready to cozy up to your crush. You’ve already perfected your rendition of every sultry Christmas song, from “Santa Baby” to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” so hop on Bumble Date and start swiping. With a match and a little mistletoe, sparks could fly!

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With expansive Jupiter as your patron, your sign wants to explore new places over the holidays! The location doesn’t matter as much as escaping your daily grind long enough to fuel up on inspiration. A cabin in the woods feels right at home, especially if it’s somewhere you can think, write, and really get away from it all. If the outdoors aren’t really your style, opt for an indoor camp-out, complete with sleeping bags and s’mores.


What do Capricorns love more than holiday parties? More time to work! You’ll be happiest if you use the downtime to revisit a few passion projects you’d put on the back burner — or to get a running start on your New Year’s resolutions. Meanwhile, you’re putting investment capital at the top of your wish list and requesting all your relatives send cash in lieu of gifts. If nothing else, you’ll be way ahead of the game once 2019 begins!


As the zodiac’s rebel, it’s safe to say that conventional holiday celebrations aren’t really your style. Instead of doing what’s expected, start your own traditions by celebrating the solstice instead. Let go of the past year with a bonfire, or keep things simple by lighting a candle and writing down your wishes for the next twelve months. Whatever you do, trust that the relationships you make over the next year are going to be magical.


Everyone loves seasonal movies and music, but for you, that connection is even deeper. Once you start seeing and hearing those familiar scenes, a flood of sensory memories puts you in a real-life winter wonderland. This year, take your date to see a ballet perform ‘The Nutcracker’ or a symphony play holiday songs, then take a drive through a local lights tour. The night will be almost as romantic as you are!