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How to Be a Boss at Work According to Your Sign

We could all use a little help getting ahead at work. Whether it’s overcoming your fear of public speaking for that big presentation or following through on a deadline when you have a ton going on, let your star sign guide your way to success!


As an Aries, there’s no question about your confidence or capacity for leadership. Your go-getter attitude sets you miles apart from your colleagues in any professional situation, but you can wow your boss even more by having the details as ready to go as the big picture. Without organization, your grand vision can crumble. Seeing the structure behind your scheme will impress your supervisor twice over. Bonus points for having any scheduling already in check and a timeline to present up front. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony. In the workplace, that’s your secret weapon. The bosses know you’ve got the hustle necessary to succeed, but in your case they’ll love it even more if you let your interpersonal skills shine. Show them you know how to keep the peace on team-based projects and they’ll be head over heels. Bonus points for adding a few feng shui-inspired touches to your office for good vibes, like mirrors or air-purifying plants.


Your genuine curiosity is what makes you stand out among your co-workers. While some people are there just to do a job, you go above and beyond in exploring what makes your workplace tick. Endear yourself to your boss by putting those powers of perception to good use! Your pattern recognition skills could uncover area of potential growth that could put a project over the top. When you present the results of your investigation, you’ll put a huge smile on your supervisor’s face.


No one knows how to keep morale up like you do, Cancer. As the zodiac’s caretaker, you’re always looking out for the needs of the group above your own. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s incredibly important! Impress your bosses by creating opportunities to inject adventure and fun into an otherwise mundane workday, or plan a social event after hours to boost the team’s spirits. Building and maintaining relationships is a huge part of a successful career, and your boss will definitely will take notice of your efforts.


While your love of the spotlight can sometimes earn you a reputation as a diva, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Those public speaking skills come in handy when you take on more leadership in the workplace. You’re very charismatic, and people naturally want to follow where you go. Start small by volunteering to chair committees you care about and things will progress quickly. Once the VIPs start to notice others following your stellar example, they’ll see you in a new, more authoritative light.


If there’s one thing Virgo is known for in workplaces everywhere, it’s their mastery of details. We know you’re the best around when it comes to operations, but show your boss that you support the company’s larger mission too. If it’s appropriate, take them out to lunch to discuss your long-term vision for your role, collective goals for the department, and even some philanthropy projects inspired by what the organization stands for. They’ll love your dedication to a good cause.


You’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love, which can be at odds with workplaces that emphasize competition over camaraderie. Even if you feel like hiding your social sensitivity, you’ll impress your boss the most by being an example of empathy for your co-workers. Show a little compassion no matter what’s going on around you and trust that everyone is fighting a difficult battle behind the scenes. Thanks to you, your office will be a kinder, gentler place.


Your sign is known for stealth, and at work, you’re usually behind the scenes ensuring that your team’s final product is flawless. However, it’s important to be visible and to make sure your hard work is being acknowledged. Impress your boss with your willingness to go first in new initiatives and to tackle new challenges. You might even want to try engaging in a little healthy workplace competition with co-workers who are up for it! When you win, so does the entire team.


You’re usually the one in the boardroom (or the library) proposing lofty ideas that sound amazing in theory but might not be so practical in practice. Your boss will swoon when you give those designs a little more structure, taking a more grounded and hands-on approach. What financial and organizational foundation is required for your imaginative theories to take flight? Don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers if you can shadow them as you put together your new approach. Get your hands dirty!


As a Capricorn, you’re the zodiac’s CEO. The workplace is your comfort zone, and you climb the ladder with impressive upward mobility. How do you do it? Your trick isn’t actually a trick at all—it’s listening! Win your boss over by striking up a conversation with them and paying attention to how they respond. You can start with small talk, then let your well-known powers of persuasion lead the way. Don’t be afraid to share your story, especially as it relates to your company’s mission statement!


Aquarius isn’t known for being warm and fuzzy. You keep a hyper-professional demeanor that ensures you’re detached from any workplace drama, but also somewhat distant from your team at times. Your boss will light up when you express your care for everyone in the office. Bring in plants, decorate your cubicle, and make the space glow. Talk to the people around you about what bigger legacy you’re creating together. Build something that will outlast you, and you’ll be indispensable.


“Work hard, play hard” is your work mantra. It’s been making bosses fall head-over-heels for you since the start of your career. As the zodiac’s artist, you understand the value of a midday brainstorming session or yoga break. Keep the creative vibe going by adorning your office with art that represents something you love, music that keeps the mood up, and poetry that inspires you to keep working even during tight deadlines. Your coworkers will be jealous of your Pinterest-worthy space!