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How to Write a Bumble Bizz Headline That People Will Actually Notice

Remember when you started a new school year and the teacher would make everyone stand up and share one thing about themselves?

That kind of short introduction was nerve-racking: “What could I possibly say to describe all of myself in one sentence?” It’s always hard introducing yourself to strangers, but we want to make that process a little easier for you on Bumble Bizz.

On average, people swipe through 20 profile cards a minute which means it’s important to create an eye-catching profile that stands out from the crowd. One of the most efficient ways to do it is by writing a clear and concise headline.

What exactly is a Bumble Bizz headline?

A Bumble Bizz headline is a 100 character description that includes what you do and how you intend to use the app. “Think of it as a skimmable elevator pitch,” says Bumble’s Product Marketing Manager, Jessica Collins. “It should be short and punchy.”

What should you definitely include in a Bumble Bizz headline?

The absolute essentials to include in your headline are your job description and whether you’re looking for a job opportunity, searching for some form of mentorship, or hoping to hire someone else. This is your chance to explain what exactly you want to do on the app, so it’s important to get straight to the point.

Some good examples:

“Owner of a marketing agency specializing in social media. We’re hiring! Interested in entry level marketers.”

“Graphic designer looking for mentorship in the branding and packaging design space.”

“I’m an architect in need of a web developer to help build my new business website.”

What shouldn’t be included in your Bumble Bizz headline?

The headline isn’t the place where you need to include your past professional experience or education background. (That’s what your “About Me” bio is for!) Stop yourself before you start listing your last three jobs or your preferred set of skills in your headline.

Remember, the headline is all about explaining your intention for being on Bumble Bizz in the first place. If someone’s interest is piqued after they read your headline, they can always look through your profile for more information.

Can I add a little bit of humor?

While Bumble Bizz is a place to talk business, don’t be afraid to throw in a joke here and there. “Definitely have some fun with it,” Jessica says. “Yes, it’s supposed to be about professional networking, but it still has the informalness of an app. If in addition to being an attorney you’re also a taco enthusiast, then by all mean go ahead and put it in there.” Let’s face it: Nobody will be able to resist the idea of a lunch meeting over Mexican.

Now you’re ready for Bumble Bizz success. Happy swiping!