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Introducing the Bumble Bizz One Connection Series

Do you know someone who, at a pivotal moment in your life, believed in your potential more than you did? Is there someone who encouraged you to take chances, be brave, and go for the gold? We call that person in someone’s life their One Connection.

Everyone has someone who serves as a their One Connection, whether a teacher, an investor, a mentor, or even just a friend with an unwavering sense of support. Your One Connection is someone whose faith in your capabilities changed the course of your career, and even your life. Bumble is deeply committed to building empowering relationships, which is why we will continually explore One Connections among our role models, our fans, and most importantly, our users — starting today.

And if you haven’t met your One Connection yet, don’t even worry for a second. By using Bumble Bizz, the more you reach out, the stronger your sense of ambition and network will become.