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Bumble Bizz Is Supporting Women Entrepreneurs In Austin — And You Can Help!

Austin is not only Bumble’s hometown, but a hub for women entrepreneurs, with women-led businesses thriving. We’re always looking for ways to support local founders, so we jumped on the opportunity to work with JUST. This Austin-based nonprofit is dedicated to providing capital, coaching, and community to hundreds of women entrepreneurs who would otherwise be excluded from access to capital.

JUST has to date provided more than $3.5 million in microfinance loans (with a 99.3% repayment rate) to hundreds of women in business, all of whom have demonstrated the drive, creativity, and success that entrepreneurs can achieve when given access to the right resources.

Angélica María Sánchez — one of three pedicurists in Austin who holds a medical license to serve customers with medical conditions — is just one of many women whose career has grown from JUST’s mission. “JUST is an institution that believes in women, that sees us as powerful and capable of accomplishing whatever we set our minds on. We only need a little push sometimes. For me, JUST was that push.”

To get involved, Bumble Bizz is sponsoring JUST’s 750 Fund, exclusively dedicated to funding new loans. With a goal of $75,000, the 750 Fund would provide 100 women with a $750 loan. This money would be recycled in perpetuity as new clients take out loans, repay them, and invest in the next set of hard-working entrepreneurs.

“My first loan meant a lot to me,” said Isabel Arellano, a single mother who sells designer purses. Before joining JUST, her dream was to have her own house and business. Today, that dream is a reality. “Because of it, I was able to start my own business. It started as a side hustle. And now, I live off of it.”

For every donation made to the 750 Fund through the link below, Bumble Bizz will match up to $20,000 in contributions. We want to support women entrepreneurs making moves right here in Austin, just as we do those further afield.

Donate now.