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How to Prepare Your Relationships for Mars Retrograde

By Amelia Quint

At the end of the year, it’s only natural that the pace of things would start to slow down—and with Mars, the motivation planet, starting its retrograde phase on October 30, that’s especially true this holiday season. The Mars retrograde wraps up on January 12, 2023, giving you a once-in-two-years opportunity to retreat and refresh your plans as you head into the new year. Mars is associated with goal-oriented action, so this retrograde is the ideal time to reevaluate whether how you’re currently going about things is getting you satisfying results.

This Mars retrograde is happening in Gemini, the sign of communication, which means it might feel a little like Mercury retrograde with scheduling snafus or other crossed signals. The good news is that, in this case, those challenges are ways for you to better identify how to express yourself. Sometimes it’s not easy to advocate for yourself, but in the coming months, it’s essential. Also, with Mars retrograde this holiday season, it’s a good idea to keep your celebrations low-key and relaxed.

Mars plays a major role in astrological compatibility, revealing what qualities you find most attractive or exciting in a potential Bumble match. That’s why Mars retrograde can be a complicated time for relationships, though it doesn’t always have to be. Want to know more? Here’s what the Mars retrograde has in store for your zodiac sign’s love life. 


Your brave sign isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on their mind, but with Mars retrograde in your communication zone, you’re ready to listen more than you speak. It’s a great time to write, edit, or otherwise reflect on the messages you’re sending to friends and lovers through both your words and actions. If you’re feeling heated, take a deep breath and wait a few minutes before sending that email or text. Even if you’re used to answering right away, being intentional about your responses during this period will transform your relationships for the better. 


For you, luxury is an essential—but with tricky Mars retrograde in your money and resources sector, you’ll have to come up with new strategies for self-care. Fortunately, this is the perfect moment for a retreat or staycation if you can swing it. Gemini, where the retrograde is happening, is also the area of your horoscope associated with personal values, so use this time to make sure your love life reflects what’s most important to you, whether that’s fun in the moment, long-term stability, or a mix of both.


Mars retrograde in your sign might sound daunting, but it’s actually a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. If you’ve been feeling dissatisfied with your current dating situation, this will give you the push you need to change it. Your priorities are shifting, so don’t be surprised if what you’re looking for in your love life does the same. You deserve someone who can support who you’re becoming, not just who you’ve been. In the meantime, you’ll feel better when you take care of your body by getting back to self-care basics like exercise, nourishing food, and good sleep hygiene. 


Rest is an absolute must, no matter what hustle culture might say—and that’s exactly the message that this Mars retrograde in your recovery sector is here to give you. Over the next two months, you’ll feel most energized when you devote yourself to habits that restore your mind, body, and spirit. Even if your thoughts are racing, prioritize getting rest or try starting a relaxing bedtime ritual. It’s also a great time to start a deeper conversation with your partner about how they like to recharge.


Are you just friends, or is it something more? With Mars retrograde in your social sector, the next two months could be a complicated chemistry experiment between you and someone in your social group. Alternatively, you could find yourself rethinking what you’re looking for in a community, whether that’s online or IRL. It’s also the part of your horoscope associated with long-term goals, so it’s a good time to make sure you’ve got the team you need to accomplish them.


With Mars retrograde in your career zone, you’re rethinking your approach to your professional life. The fact that it falls during the holidays means that work-life balance is sure to become a part of your Mars retrograde story, but if things get hectic, use any unexpected schedule shifts as a conversation starter to negotiate for the support you need. The retrograde also puts you  in the spotlight, so when it comes to love, you could experience a big milestone with a partner or love interest. In the coming weeks, you’ll learn how much of your romantic life you want to share versus keep private.


Having Mars retrograde through your exploration sector could cause you to wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere—and that’s not a bad thing! If you’ve been feeling complacent in love or life in general, this is a great opportunity to revive your sense of adventure. You might get so excited about changing things up that you end up overcommitting, so be selective with your plans. It’s also the area of your horoscope associated with your personal philosophy, so take some time to consider what you believe about dating and romance. Better yet, write it down!


When it comes to relationships, you’re already very private, and with Mars retrograde in your secretive eighth house, that goes double for you during the next two months. Your eighth house is also associated with intimacy, and with the attraction planet in reverse, your desires might surprise you. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your sensual side, now’s a great time to get back in touch with what feeling sexy means to you.


You’re one of the most independent zodiac signs, and with Mars retrograde in your partnership zone, you can spend the next two months refining your relationship goals to honor your free-spirited nature. Even if certain things seem obvious, it’s a good time to revisit what solidifies your relationship with your closest companions, whether that’s with a romantic partner, best friend, or creative collaborator. When you express your expectations as clearly as possible, you can find a win-win for everyone.


Instead of shying away from Mars retrograde’s intense reputation, your hardworking sign can use it to your advantage. It’s backtracking through your health and habits zone, so you can use this two month stretch as a potent energy boost to get your body and mind in peak performance. And an added bonus? When you feel good about yourself, it’s so much easier to feel confident in your love life. Just make sure to schedule time for dates in between your gym sessions and power walks!


Mars retrograde in your pleasure zone can lead to mixed signals in your love life. Yes, it might show up as a match who’s hyper-responsive one day then disappears the next, but it’s more likely to be as simple as reevaluating what you want in a crush. It’s also the part of your horoscope associated with having fun, and this is a great time to remember that dating doesn’t have to be so serious. Approach it with a sense of humor, and prioritize feeling good over ticking off arbitrary relationship boxes.


You’re already deeply connected to your feelings, so with Mars retrograde in your emotions and environment zone, your sensitivity is on high alert. If you’re overstimulated, now’s the ideal time to create a sanctuary or personal space where you can feel comfortable, safe, and fully decompress. Instead of pushing yourself to go out for dates, opt for a night in or just let your partner know that you need a little extra TLC for a while. Once you start the self-care conversation, it’s easy to keep it going.