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What Your Moon Sign Means for Your Relationship

By Amelia Quint

If your sun sign is who you are in the spotlight, then your moon sign is who you allow yourself to be behind the scenes. In astrology, the moon is all about emotions and what you need in order to feel comfortable and supported. That’s why it’s so important for relationship compatibility. 

Knowing your moon sign and your partner’s means you can care for one another in sweet ways that are meaningful to you both. Ahead, here’s how that looks for each moon sign.


You’re at your best when you’re fired up about something, whether it’s your favorite sport or a friendly debate. When your significant other can be your sparring partner in those pursuits, you’re even happier. Finding a healthy outlet for that competitive drive helps you keep the peace in your relationship.


You’re deeply in tune with your five senses and find comfort in simple pleasures, whether it’s flowers on your desk or a home-cooked meal. When it comes to relationships, one of your top priorities is finding someone who appreciates beauty as much as you do.


You’re energized by conversation, languages, jokes, or anything else that stimulates your mind. Your partner will need to keep up with your fast-paced and clever communication style—and over time, you’ll probably be able to finish each other’s sentences. At your best, you balance verbal processing with independent thinking.


You’re a homebody at heart, and you’re at your best with a partner who’s happy to stay in and enjoy each other’s company. Cancers are foodies, and for you, shared meals can be a love language. Your emotional intelligence lets you tune into your significant other’s feelings, but remember to take care of your own first. 


You’re a natural performer who’s at home in the spotlight, and your creative pursuits are important to you. When it comes to romance, you want a partner who’ll be your biggest cheerleader. Your love life thrives when you channel your dramatic flair into your artistic endeavors and away from your relationship.


You’re driven by a desire to improve everything around you. Whether you’re scheduling healthy rituals for you and your partner (think morning routines, exercise classes, and phone-free nights) or helping them solve their most complicated problems, don’t forget that your bond is beautiful right now—and so are you.


You’re at your most comfortable when you’re in an equal partnership. You feel balanced out by your significant other, best friend, or even creative partner and are able to help them feel more in harmony with the world. Beauty and style are your favorite forms of self-care, so if you need to center yourself, know that prioritizing those things isn’t selfish.


You’re emotionally complex, and that intensity makes you a caring partner. Taboos don’t scare you, and you’re able to talk about any topic, including sex, finances, and spirituality, with no stigma or judgment attached. Having a partner who feels comfortable exploring their deepest heart is an absolute must for you. 


You’re most comfortable when you’re exploring new places and learning new things, and when your partner can be your travel companion, all the better. You never stay in one place or way of thinking for too long, and having someone by your side who loves the journey is a necessity. 


You’re an incredibly hard worker, and you need a partner who’s game to tackle some seriously ambitious couple goals. In fact, you feel most comfortable when you’re striving—but remember that your significant other might not find the hustle as effortless as you. Instead, treat each other to little luxuries just because you can, and know you both deserve them.


You’re a social animal who prefers to spend time with good friends and communities that share your specific interests—and you need a partner who embraces being part of that larger support network. You love dreaming about the future, and you’ll know you’ve met your match when you can envision your partner as part of yours.


You’re a sensitive soul, and that’s what makes you such a gifted artist, musician, or creative. Your ability to tap into what’s happening outside of yourself makes you an intuitive partner, and you need a match who’ll be just as thoughtful about your feelings. You love it when romance feels like magic, but don’t forget it requires work too.