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Sarah Zanchetta Makes Her Mark On Toronto’s Art Scene

Bumble Bizz held an open call for Canadian artists to apply and be showcased at Power Ball: 21 Club, a major annual fundraising gala held at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. On June 6th, the space will transform into a glamorous speakeasy filled with art world movers and shakers. This presents the opportunity of a lifetime for up-and-coming artists to display their work alongside leading contemporary figures.

Art submissions were inspired by Bumble’s mission to change antiquated gender norms and to encourage women to make the first move. After scouring entries from many talented artists, we landed on Sarah Zanchetta, who stood out above all. We asked the 22-year-old Toronto native what inspires her — and how she feels about making her mark at this notorious art party.

Bumble Bizz: How did you hear about the Bumble Bizz x Power Ball partnership?

Sarah: I heard about the Bizz x Power Ball partnership through The Power Plant’s Instagram post about a month back, and just knew I had to apply.

B: What made you want to apply for the Bumble Bizz x Power Ball competition?

S: The challenge is what drew me to this competition. The proposal, fast production time, and time limit would make me think on my feet. These limitations have allowed me to create something I would have never thought of on my own. It’s giving me space to grow as an artist, and to further engage with my local artistic community. 

B: What themes inspire your artwork?

S: My artistic practice explores sexuality through the lens of social media. I’m using my art as a way to push the boundaries between traditional feminine and masculine roles. Currently, I digitally collage found male imagery into repetitive feminine patterns. 

B: How did you come up with the concept for your piece?

S: My concept for “Sweet Digs” was inspired by the adventure of a new relationship. By making that first move, you begin a journey of unknowns. It’s a pathway full of new and exciting firsts and you have no idea where it’s leading you. There are twists and turns, and some relationships have dead ends. But that doesn’t stop you — you try again. It’s that thrill of the first move that brings you back, no matter how many obstacles you encounter. A new relationship is like being in a maze. 

B: What do you hope people take away from your piece at Power Ball?

S: I hope people leave my installation with a little fearlessness in their hearts. Trusting new experiences, no matter how small, can be challenging to many of us. By participating in this ‘maze of relationships,’ I want them to let their guard down and to fully take in their surroundings. And just to have fun! I want them to remember what it’s like to trust their gut, and to want to try new things in their everyday life, no matter how scary they may seem. 

B: Why are you excited to partner with Bumble?

S: My artistic practice has centered around social media for several years, often with a negative view on relationship-building apps. However, through my years of research, Bumble has always stood out above the others. I’m excited to stand with a company that protects its users. Bumble listens to both the positive and negative feedback in order to grow as a better company. They understand the issues of today, such as the #MeToo movement, and do not shy away from the discussion; instead, they join in. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Bumble: they’re community-focused and conversation-driven. They want to see the same change in social media that I and so many others do.

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