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These Are the Best Date Days for the Rest of 2021, According to the Stars

By Amelia Quint

After months spent inside and in isolation, you’d be forgiven for fantasizing about exactly how you want those long-awaited meetups to go now that we’re opening up and going out. While there’s always an element of surprise involved in meeting the right person, what if there was a way to pick the perfect day for your return to the dating scene, or for a highly-anticipated reunion? Lucky for you, astrology can do exactly that!

Ahead, we’ve searched the stars and selected the four most romantic days in the rest of 2021 according to the cosmos, including what vibe to expect and date ideas for each one. Read on to find out what’s ahead and mark your calendar! And if you haven’t added your star sign to your Bumble profile yet, here’s how.

September 6: Build Your Dream Partnership

Not sure what you’re looking for in a partnership? On the first weekend of September—Labor Day weekend, in the U.S.—the stars are aligned to make it crystal clear! First up, there’s a Virgo new moon, which helps hone in on the details of what you want in a relationship. New moons signify new beginnings, and under this one, Virgo’s focus can help you clarify the specifics you’re looking for in a significant other. Plus, it lands on Mars, the motivation planet, giving your confidence the boost you’ll need to be bold in asking for it. (As an added bonus, Mars is the planet of passion, so things could get spicy!)

But the best part of this new moon is that it forms what’s called a Grand Earth Trine, a triangle pattern in the sky that delivers amazing opportunities for growth. The new moon locks into formation with open-minded Uranus and powerful Pluto, promising that what you build now will be a welcome departure from your usual partnership strategy. And in grounded earth signs, you’ll be practical about how you’re going to make it work. Best of all, a behind-the-scenes angle between good luck planets Venus and Jupiter tilt the odds in your favor.

Date idea: Head to your favorite cafe and really get to know each other. Need a little help on the conversation front? We’ve got you covered with these questions designed by experts to help gauge compatibility. Worst case scenario, you get to chat to someone new—and best case, you’ll meet your match!

September 19: Self-Care, Together

Who says self-care has to be a solo effort? On September 19, love goddess Venus in restorative Scorpio makes a trine—a positive angle that means things flow easily—to caring Neptune in Pisces, the sign of healing and recovery. Far-out Neptune shares similar interests with close-quarters Venus, including art, romance, and care. So under this influence, it’s the perfect moment to turn on your out-of-office responder and spend some quality recharge time with your partner.

Even better, the sun in relationship-centered Libra will make that same kind of alignment with pragmatic Saturn in Aquarius all day, delivering an easy opportunity for you to talk about long-term goals without it feeling weighty or overwhelming. And to top it all off, the moon will be in its home sign of Cancer all day, making everything feel cozier, whether it’s relaxing in matching bathrobes, taking a yoga class, or spending hours binge-watching whatever’s been piling up in your streaming queue. Either way, you’ll feel totally refreshed!

Date idea: Treat yourself to an at-home spa day—or if you’re feeling luxurious, book yourselves massages and facials. Got access to a hot tub? After these past 18 months, a dip with your date will feel like a vacation.

October 19: Great Minds Think Alike

One of the best things about dating is finding someone who really understands the way you think, and on October 19, you’ll be able to do just that. For three weeks prior, 2021’s last Mercury retrograde in Libra may have scrambled your signals, leading to no shortage of love interruptions or messages that didn’t quite land. But once the communication planet is direct again the day prior, your mental fog lifts and you can finally clear the air.

On top of that, good luck planet Jupiter ends its five-month retrograde in social Aquarius at the same time, opening the floodgates of invitations you’d been missing during its annual slowdown. Thanks to that forward motion in clever air signs, this date is an ideal time to test your partner’s sense of humor or pique their curiosity with a conversation about a niche mutual obsession. And with a brave Aries moon all day, you’ll have no excuse not to make the first move, so get your best GIFs ready!

Date idea: Instead of playing mind games, get competitive with each other! Go bowling, hit up a trivia night, or challenge one another to your favorite board or card games during a night in.

November 29: Just Like the Movies

Let’s be honest: the hard reality of dating often fails to live up to the hype we see in films and on TV. But on November 29, the stars set a gorgeous scene for romance! Attraction planet Mars in its home sign of Scorpio—which rules intimacy—sends a lucky trine to glamorous Neptune, ensuring you’ll have the ideal music and mood to make you and your partner feel like you’re on the silver screen together. Whether it’s a stroll during golden hour or an electric night out, the chemistry is undeniable.

Fortunately, love goddess Venus in no-nonsense Capricorn sending support to Neptune that same day helps you enjoy the moment without losing yourself in it. Plus, the sun in sync with Mercury in adventurous Sagittarius makes opening up about what exactly you want to explore together effortless. Add to that an assist from steady Saturn, and you’ll be able to turn these sparks into a long-term fire if you want to.

Date idea: Have an old-school movie night, buttery popcorn and all. Whether you and your partner watch one of your favorites or just want an excuse to get closer on the couch, this is the perfect day to do it.