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What to Know About Dating a Virgo

By Amelia Quint

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo—the zodiac’s detail-oriented earth sign—you can trust them to have it all covered, whether it’s for your night out or long-term plans. When dating an always-on Virgo, you’ll learn so much, from useful life hacks to insights about life. These expert communicators will tell it like it is, making the “getting to know you” process so much clearer. Ahead, everything you need to know about Virgo love and dating a Virgo. 

What’s it like to date a Virgo?

When you’re planning a first date with a Virgo after matching on Bumble, pay attention to the details. They’ll love seeing that you’ve done your research, so show up well prepared, whether that’s by carefully selecting the perfect location or booking any activities ahead of time. Virgo admires competence, so one of the best ways to flirt with them is to let them see you do something you excel in, and let them show off as well! 

Above all, a Virgo in love is thoughtful, and as your relationship grows, they want to know you’re thinking of them. Always be on time, attentive, and a great listener, because they’ll absolutely do the same for you in return. Dramatic gestures won’t impress them, but they adore it when you remember the little things, like their favorite TV show, song lyrics, or shared memory. In fact, they’re secret romantics who want a big, movie-worthy love. 

What’s a Virgo like in a relationship?

Virgo is the sign of habits, and the ones you build together will be a major strengthening force in your relationship. Virgo love compatibility is all about building a reliable routine, whether that’s regular date nights you can look forward to or a daily check-in text to see how you’re both feeling. Self-improvement is important to them, so they’ll be an ideal accountability partner for any project you’d like to achieve. Plus, they’ll love it when you cheer each other on.

These driven individuals get a lot of pleasure out of their work and enjoy having a shared project to do with their partner. This could be as small as a puzzle or as massive as redecorating your apartment, but what really matters is the time you spend on it together. That said, you might have to remind them to take a break, since they can sometimes get hyper-focused on the task at hand. They’re beyond dedicated in all their endeavors, but the good news is that they’ll be as devoted in your relationship too.

What zodiac signs is a Virgo compatible with?

Most compatible: earth and water signs

Fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are most compatible with Virgo because they offer the stability Virgo craves. Together, sensual Taurus and Virgo will go out of their way to make sure they get the best of everything, sampling the most delicious foods and experiences they can find. Ambitious Capricorn and Virgo share a strong work ethic and, if their goals align, they will make an unstoppable team.

Virgo is also a deeply caring sign, and water signs Cancer and Scorpio can easily meet their emotional needs. Cancer and Virgo create a warm community together, while Scorpio and Virgo communicate with ease. They all have a strong desire to be of service and usually bond over a common cause. 

Less compatible: mutable signs

Even though they’re one of the mutable signs, organized Virgo is at their best when they’re on a schedule, which can conflict with the Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces love of spontaneity. Gemini’s whimsical approach to life doesn’t always align with Virgo’s fact-finding missions, while free-spirited Sagittarius resists Virgo’s systems thinking. When they match with their opposite sign, Pisces, it can be tough to strike a balance between heart and head—but when they make it work, it’s magic. 

The bottom line for dating a Virgo

If you’re looking for a partner who’s got a quick mind and a big heart, Virgo is your ideal match. You’ll fall into a comforting routine together, but thanks to their constant craving for new ideas and approaches, you’ll never be bored. They’re great with details and will remember all your favorite things—and more importantly, show up when you need them most. And best of all, Virgo constantly works to improve themselves and solve problems, so you can trust that they’ll grow alongside you as your relationship evolves.