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What You Should Know about Each Zodiac Sign as You’re Matching

by Amelia Quint

What’s your sign? It’s one of the first questions people usually ask when getting to know each other, and for good reason! Whether it’s with friends, co-workers, or dates, there’s tons you can learn about someone’s preferences from the stars. In fact, astrology can give you surprisingly specific insights about a person, like their texting style, what they’re looking for in a relationship, or even where they’d love to meet up.

If you’ve just matched with someone on Bumble and aren’t sure what to do or say next, check the zodiac badge on their profile! Ahead, here’s a list of exactly what you should know about each star sign’s dating style, from their personality traits to tips on how to connect. Happy swiping!


Thinking about swiping right on an Aries? Go for it! They love initiative, so you don’t have to fear making the first move. In fact, the pursuit is their favorite part of dating, whether they’re doing the chasing or you are. Their ideal partner is someone who’s bold, confident, and maybe even a little competitive, so challenge them to beat you at a trivia night or bowling tournament. Still not sure what to say? Whatever you do, keep it fresh! Aries loves novelty and will find typical conversation starters totally cringe-worthy. Instead, wow them with your creativity.


If you’ve matched with a Taurus, don’t move too fast. This sign likes taking it slow and steady, so ease them into the conversation and meet up at a comfortable locale, complete with warm lighting, soft chairs, and delicious food options. They love luxury and appreciate the best of the best when it comes to creature comforts like desserts, drinks, and the fine details. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask them about a musician, film, or creator you both adore. They’ve got amazing taste, and once they notice that you do too, they’ll be much more likely to open up!


With Gemini, conversation is everything! They love a well-placed joke, so open your chat with one that shows off your sense of humor. Geminis are hyper-connected and respond to texts at light speed, so a quick turnaround time on your part shows them that you’re truly interested. Not sure what to say? That’s okay! This sign is naturally curious, so as long as you keep things going, there’s plenty of opportunity to find common ground. Ultimately, Gemini wants an intellectual equal, so don’t be afraid to flex your mental muscles by giving them a great book recommendation!


Above everything else, Cancers want to know you care. Kindness goes a long way in all things, but especially in your conversations with this sign. Ask them about how they’re feeling, and they’ll be happy to open up to you. Once you decide to meet up, offering to cook for them is always a great option. Or, take them to a restaurant that feels like home — you know, the one where the waiter knows your order. They’ll get a glimpse into your daily life just by being in the surroundings you love so much. Before you know it, they’ll be ready to do the same with you!


For Leos, dating is a form of play. More than anything else, they want to have fun, so don’t open with anything too intense. A charming gif to take their mind off a tough day is a safe bet for lighthearted Lions! They’ll love knowing that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Once you decide to head out, invite them to an amusement park, a karaoke night, or a concert where you can both blow off some steam. Bonus points if it’s a dress-up occasion. Leos love getting into costume! Even better, bring them a small gift when you meet up. They’re romantics at heart and will surely appreciate the gesture.


Virgos overthink everything, especially dating! So if you’re about to message a Virgo, know there’s a good chance they’re more nervous than you are, even if they don’t show it. The best way to get things started is to show them you’ve done your research. Peruse their profile and mention something they listed that you find genuinely intriguing—which shouldn’t be hard, since this sign is always working on a million interesting projects at once. If you’re ready to meet them, a health-conscious spot with plenty of options for every nutrition plan is sure to please. Smoothies, anyone?


Libras adore dating and getting to know someone new, but don’t always enjoy having to pick where to go. If you’re meeting up with a Libra, a decisive choice for when and where to meet up will help you two start off on the right foot. They’ll feel totally relieved, not to mention curious about what your picks say about you! This sign loves beautiful things, so take them somewhere gorgeous, like an art museum or film screening. When it comes to DMs, Libras care a lot about balance, so a one-sided conversation isn’t going to cut it. Put forth some effort, and they’ll happily rise up to meet it.


Let’s face it, you’ve probably heard about Scorpios. They’re intense and alluring, which can be totally intimidating when it comes to swiping. But don’t fear! Scorpio energy may be powerful, but they’re often total softies inside that hard scorpion shell. Depth is their love language, so when you’re chatting with them, don’t be afraid to really dig in. They love secrets, so if you decide to meet up, visit a hidden gem instead of the more obvious choices. The best advice for dating a Scorpio? Don’t believe everything you hear. Let them reveal their mysteries at their own pace, and they’ll cherish you for it.


Sagittarians love an adventure! If you’re trying to woo one of these free spirits, they need to be sure that you aren’t going to pin them down. They’ll feel much more comfortable once they realize you can explore the world together. Once you know each other pretty well, they love a good road trip, whether it’s to a festival, a new city, or a class you’re both interested in. When it comes to messaging these independent souls, less is usually more. Their best trait? Sagittarius has a knack for telling the truth, so you’ll always know where you stand with them.


Capricorns can be so focused on their careers that they don’t have much space on their iCal left for matches, but once they do decide to date, they take it seriously. One rule of thumb? Don’t waste their time. They love it when you’re straight to the point, so win them over by being direct about the fact that you’re totally into them. When it comes to meeting up IRL, they’re besotted with the idea of an old-school date. The traditional dinner-and-a-movie combo feels totally fresh with a Capricorn along, as does a quick after-work drink. Remember, they’re practical. As long as you’re there, they’ll be happy!


Aquarius people march to the beat of their own drum, so the usual tips and tricks don’t work on them. Your best bet? Stand out. Be as individual as possible, avoiding played-out lines in favor of unexpected conversation starters that will pique their interest. Your first meetup is another perfect opportunity to show off your wild, weird side. Anything from skydiving to getting your auras photographed would do the trick! Still, the best advice for dating an Aquarius is this: never, ever ask them to put you before their friends. You’ll never replace their crew, but slowly, you can join it if you’re lucky!


Pisces is the zodiac’s romantic, so don’t be afraid to show them your softer side. Once you swipe, ask them what they dreamed about last night or send them a poem. They’ll love seeing that you’re both in touch with your imagination! They can be shy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. To the contrary, they’re experts at playing coy, so be patient. Stay the course and give them plenty of positive affirmation. As for a meetup, drinks are always a hit. Whether it’s a beer flight or pour-over coffee, you’ll have plenty to talk about while you sip.