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10 Adventurous Date Ideas to Try with Your Next Bumble Match

By Danielle Kam

Adventurous dates are a great way to get to know someone better: you see how your Bumble match reacts in higher-pressure situations and you create the opportunity for some bonding moments. If you’re looking for some heart-eye-emoji-inducing, adrenaline-pumping fun, here are 10 adventurous date ideas. 

Explore close to home

Let a map decide where you’ll be going for your date. Choose a few different distances from a meetup point—say, five miles, 10 miles, and 15 miles—and choose an activity that you’d want to do in that area. It could be coffee at five miles, a stroll at 10 miles, and lunch at 15 miles. Choose places you’ve never been to before or return to your favorite spots.   

Get lost on purpose

Whether you walk, drive, or take public transportation, go to an unfamiliar part of town. Getting “lost” can be an exciting way to experience something new with a date. Wandering aimlessly and popping into shops and cafes that look interesting is a fun and easy adventurous way to pass the day together. 

Choose-your-own-adventure date 

Either you or your Bumble match starts the date by choosing a street to start on, a place to eat, a theme for the day—whatever you’d like. Then one of you chooses the next activity, and so on. Continue for the whole day and see what kind of adventure you get into.  

Try a new-to-you cuisine 

It’s easy to go for what you know, but trying new foods and exploring other cultures is a great way to learn together. Check your local news for recent restaurant openings and get out of your comfort zone, whether it’s Peruvian, Ethiopian, or anything else that whets your appetite. 

Get outdoors

Breathe in the fresh air with your Bumble match and discover a new activity in the great outdoors. You could keep it casual by renting bikes and cycling through your local park, or plan an all-day hike that will test your compatibility as well as your orienteering skills.

Do something that scares you

Have you ever dreamed of bungee jumping, skydiving, or a similar adrenaline-pumping activity? Having someone to go with might make it a little less scary—and you’ll have a story to tell, whether you decide to go on another date or not! (Plus, if it’s really terrifying, you can hold their hand.)

Explore a haunted house 

You may think that haunted houses are only for the fall, but you can seek out spooky vibes year-round! Lots of towns and cities have an abandoned or “haunted” landmark with a ghost story attached, so go together and see if you have any paranormal encounters.

Jump in the water

Channel your inner merperson and get playful in the water with your Bumble match. Find your nearest wild swimming spot (make sure to take a picnic for afterward!) or rent a kayak or paddle boat at a local lake to take in the surroundings.

Roll the dice on a local event

Pull up your local event calendar and find an activity you’d never normally consider, whether that’s a bingo tournament or the circus is in town. Throw caution to the wind and just go! You might find a new shared interest—or learn you’re a poker whiz thanks to a casino night.

Try to beat a world record

Challenge each other! How many marshmallows can you eat in a minute? Or are you excellent at jumping jacks? Have fun seeking out the most obscure or silly records on the books. Even if you don’t succeed, you’ll laugh a lot trying.