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10 Inexpensive Date Ideas for When You Want to Save

By Amelia Quint

Even if you’re on a budget, there’s no reason why you can’t still take your Bumble match on a memorable date. You can turn going out on the cheap into a romantic adventure—or, as long as you feel comfortable, stay in and treat yourselves to some low-key quality time. Ahead, we’ve got ideas for when you want to do something special together and save money at the same time. Read on, and get ready to impress your date with your creativity!

Watch a TV show together

Is your taste in TV a match? It’s always fun finding out what shows your date is obsessed with, so start out by picking one series each and watching a couple of episodes of both together. If things go well, maybe you’ll end up binge-watching a whole season together!

Have a listening party

Everyone has songs that mean something special to them—so what better way to get to know your date than to listen to the music they love most? You could make each other playlists, play a record all the way through, and share why certain music or artists resonate with you. 

Learn a new skill

Looking to learn a skill or explore a new topic that’s piqued your interest? Take your date along for the ride! Try a DIY tutorial of something that doesn’t require too much setup or additional supplies, like origami or a dance routine. It doesn’t matter what it is—just the experience of trying out something new together will be a great conversation starter. 

Find a happy hour

Time your date so that you meet up around happy hour, when there will be deals on drinks or food. If you’re able to meet up early enough, you can head to an area with a bunch of different restaurants and bars and challenge yourselves to try as many happy hours as you can before regular pricing kicks back in. 

Bake together

Want to do something sweet for each other? Bake dessert together! You could share a sentimental recipe or have a bake-off with your match. Keep the costs low by both bringing some of the ingredients, or look for a recipe that uses ingredients you mostly already have.

Game night

For an inexpensive date, invite your Bumble match over for a game night. Dust off the board games you already have and maybe spring for a bottle of wine or prepare mocktails. If you don’t have any board games, a simple deck of cards will work. You can take turns teaching each other your favorite games. 

Get moving

Even if pre-date jitters make your heart race, you can turn that around by getting your blood pumping on purpose and working out with your date! Whether you go for a high-intensity activity like running together or something low-impact like an outdoor yoga class, you’ll get the free benefit of an endorphin rush. You two can also grab an inexpensive smoothie or coffee afterwards to debrief on the workout. 

Grab ice cream 

When it’s warm outside, why not head to an ice cream shop to get a scoop with your date? You can enjoy the treat there or head on a walk and snack as you get to know each other better. 

Have a shop-off 

Meet your date at a dollar store or thrift shop and set a budget, time limit, and challenge. You can try to buy each other the best gift, the best snack, or the most unexpected item in the place. Winner gets to purchase their find! 

Go to a food truck

Food trucks can have delicious, expansive menus—and they’re less fussy than going to a restaurant on a date. Research the best food truck in town and head over—or if you’re feeling adventurous, have each of you choose a truck and visit both. 

Find a talk or lecture 

If you and your date have a common interest, check and see if there are any local talks or events on the subject. There might be an author reading at a nearby bookstore or an interesting lecture at a community center—whatever it is, learning something new together will give you plenty to talk about afterwards.