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Making it Work: Dating With an Impossible Schedule

In a world of side hustles, long commutes, second shifts, and flex hours, more and more couples are finding themselves with seemingly impossible schedules. Here’s how to make it work no matter what the iCal says.

Fit it In

A few minutes here and a coffee date there are key to sneaking in some time together in between work and more work. Instead of the morning rush, try to grab coffee together before your inbox steals all your attention for the day.

No Phone Zone

Especially with limited time, when you two are face-to-face, be sure to stash the phones away! Going the extra mile to put each other first, even for just a few minutes, says a lot more than a 2 hour dinner date where you’re both scrolling through your feed the whole time. Making your moments together count goes a long way to keeping the spark alive.

Be Honest

During busy seasons when your 9-5 looks more like 9-IDK, it can be hard to commit to a plan even when you really want to. If you must cancel, be sure to do so as soon as you get the bad news to stop unnecessary drama on top of already being bummed out. And if it looks like you cancelling and rescheduling is going to be a repeat thing, be upfront about it to avoid hurt feelings on both sides.

Late Night Date

Late nights are always an option, too. Opt for a midnight ice cream stroll over your usual Netflix binge to put some romance back into your otherwise work-sleep-repeat routine.

Crazy schedules can make you feel worlds apart, but making the extra effort to be together sends a message loud and clear: This is more than just a one-swipe thing.