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Socially-Distanced Date Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

by Amelia Quint

After six months of dating at a distance, you’ve probably tried all the usual suspects — FaceTime, Zoom, texting memes to each other — when it comes to connecting virtually. It’s tough to spark a connection from at least six feet away, but with the help of the stars, it can be so much easier! Your astrological sign reveals your likes, dislikes, and where you feel most comfortable, and you can use that cosmic intel to plan a date that feels magical, no matter how far apart you are.

Ahead, we’ve done the work for you and picked a socially-distanced date for every sign of the zodiac. Read for your sun and rising signs, and if your match has the Zodiac Badge on their Bumble profile, be sure to check theirs too! (And don’t forget to add the Virtual Dating Badge to show your potential matches that you’re sticking to online-only meet-ups for now.)

Aries: Get Moving

Staying active is essential for your energetic sign, so why not get moving together? Aries rules the body, so exercise that starts your heart pumping can turn an everyday meet-up into something way more exciting. (Plus, the endorphin rush can help calm any first date jitters!) Show your competitive streak with a game of tennis, or rent bikes and see if your match can keep up with your pace. If you want to set a more relaxing mood, a gentle outdoor yoga session can help you both blow off steam while getting in some physical activity.

Taurus: Dine Out (or In)

Your luxury-loving sign has impeccable taste, which is why fine dining should absolutely be on your menu of socially-distanced date options. Research to see which local restaurants have outdoor seating areas where you can meet your match in relative safety. Not loving the options? Coordinate with your date to get home delivery from your favorite spots at the same time — or, create your own charcuterie boards and pair them with wine, cocktails, or mocktails. With a little planning, you can turn your Zoom screen into a five-star establishment and flaunt your culinary obsession.

Gemini: Take a Stroll

With curious Mercury as your sign’s ruler, you’re always on the hunt for new, interesting places in your community. Instead of the usual walk in the park, have your date join you for a stroll to a farmers market, outdoor mall, or local hidden gem you’ve been dying to share. You love learning, so consider going on a tour together to see a nearby cultural site, or — ‘tis the season — somewhere with a haunted history. To wrap up, stop at your go-to cafe for a caffeine jolt. After all, what’s more intimate than sharing your coffee order?

Cancer: Invite Them Over (Virtually)

Cancer rules the home, and the place where you live is more than just a building to you: it’s a sanctuary. So, let your inner homebody shine through and invite your date for a virtual house tour, where you can navigate your respective spaces and the stories within them. You’re looking for someone who’s in tune with their feelings, and a show-and-tell is a perfect way to start that conversation. Even better, if you’re feeling adventurous, head to your kitchens and try making a favorite recipe together! 

Leo: Watch a Show Together

As the zodiac’s entertainer, you’re a total movie guru. Why not see if your match shares your tastes? Watch a Hollywood classic together on Zoom, or if things go well, spend an afternoon virtually binge-watching your favorite shows. Sites like Netflix Party can help you sync up your screens, and the chat option is perfect for dropping in jokes and reaction gifs as the action ramps up. If you’re thinking of venturing out, bring a couple blankets to an outdoor movie showing at your local park for a romantic change of pace.

Virgo: Picnic in the Park

Classic style that stands the test of time is your strong suit, so a good, old-fashioned picnic is the perfect way to impress your match from a six-foot distance. From the checked cloth to the carefully-curated menu, you can show you’ve prepared everything immaculately — and that kind of care and attention is exactly what you lavish on your partners (and expect in return). Get everything ready in advance so you can enjoy each other’s company in the moment.

Libra: Say it With Flowers (or Foliage)

With love goddess Venus as your ruler, you’re a total romantic, with a flair for flowers and gifts. Surround yourself with beauty and take your match to a local botanical garden — or head to a farmers market to hand-pick fresh bouquets for each other. With fall in full swing, you could also enjoy the colorful leaves at a nearby national park, or head to a farm to pick apples or pumpkins. Just make sure you’re mindful of social-distancing guidelines while you’re taking those Instagram snaps!

Scorpio: Go Stargazing

Your mysterious side is one of your best qualities, so why not highlight it by meeting your match after dark? You could go stargazing at a nearby observatory, or take a blanket to your favorite park and look for the Big Dipper or Orion’s Belt. This nocturnal take on an outdoor date elevates the mood, especially if you light a few candles. Intimacy is your specialty, so skip the usual icebreaker questions and ask about what really intrigues you. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a shared obsession and chat til sunrise. 

Sagittarius: Take a Nature Walk

Your intrepid sign loves an adventure, so get out in nature with your match and blaze your own trail. Whether it’s the beach, the mountains, or somewhere in between, that’s something special about exploring uncharted territory with someone new. Taking a moment to enjoy the beauty and wildness of the outdoors with your date feels good, no matter what terrain you’re treading. Not feeling up to a full-on hike? Take it slow, or better yet, find a scenic vista and sit together (well, six feet apart). Remember, there’s no rush.

Capricorn: Learn Something New

If there’s one trait you value above all, it’s intelligence. Learning new skills is your favorite activity, and when someone else wants to do the same? You’ve met your match. For a first date, take a digital class together, or have them join you for an online trivia game to flex your knowledge. With old-school Saturn as your ruler, history is your favorite subject, so try a virtual museum tour for a more relaxed alternative. Once you start talking about art and artifacts, you’ll have plenty to keep the conversation going! 

Aquarius: Get Creative

As the zodiac’s rebel, you’ve got a creative point of view that goes against the grain. Instead of your usual walk-and-talk outdoor dates, bring some art supplies and get crafty. A homemade paint-and-pour (wine works, but coffee does too!) at a safe distance gets your artistic juices flowing and gives you both an opportunity to see how you express yourselves in an unexpected medium. Another alternative? Adult coloring books are just as fun and require less cleanup. 

Pisces: Have a Listening Party

Pisces rules music, so for a fun first date, make each other playlists of your favorite songs and have a virtual listening party. After all, what says “I have a crush on you” quite like a painstakingly-crafted mixtape? Be your own DJ and take turns listening to both. You could crank up the volume and turn it into a karaoke or dance party, or channel VH1’s iconic “Behind the Music” series and tell the story of the memories behind your picks. After all, as a sensitive water sign, you want to know your match is willing to open up.