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Find Your Match Through Music with Your Spotify Top Artists on Bumble

Music plays an important role in dating, from making mixtapes for a crush to sending a favorite song to your Bumble match. We know how crucial shared interests are, and that music plays a big part in many of our members’ lives—which is why we’ve updated our Spotify feature so that you can see who has compatible taste in music, faster. 

Now on Bumble’s Date mode, you’ll be able to see if you and a potential match have one or more shared Top Artists on Spotify. This can help you immediately find common ground with a fellow dater and allow you to connect more easily. (This is especially exciting if it’s that niche band you thought only you knew about!) It can also help relieve any of those first message nerves by giving you a great springboard for starting a conversation.

How does Top Artists on Bumble work? 

Bumble’s Top Artists feature works by highlighting any top artists (pulled from your top 50 on Spotify) that you and a potential match share. When you have the same top artist, you and your potential match will see a banner on each other’s profile showing which top artists you have in common, giving you a great reason to connect. If a potential match doesn’t share any top artists with you or doesn’t have their Spotify account integrated, then you’ll see each other’s profiles as normal. 

How do I share my Top Artists on Bumble? 

First, you’ll need to connect your Spotify account to your Bumble profile if you haven’t already. Once your Spotify account is linked, your top 10 artists will appear at the bottom of your profile. To do this, select the gray silhouette at the bottom of the screen to go to your profile page, hit the “Complete my profile” button, and scroll down to “Connect my Spotify.” You’ll then be redirected to Spotify to link your accounts. 

Once back on Bumble, your top 50 artists will appear in your profile editor. You can scroll through all of your 50 top artists to hide any that you don’t want to be visible to other Bumble daters (more on how to do this below). While only your top 10 artists will be shown to potential matches at the bottom of your profile, the Top Artist feature will look at your and your potential match’s top 50 artists to highlight the artists that you have in common.  

Do I have to show my Top Artists?

If you’d like to keep any of your top 50 artists private, you can hide them from your profile. Simply head back to “Complete my profile,” scroll down to the Spotify section, and toggle them off by clicking on the eye icon in the top right-hand corner of the artist’s photo. You can make an artist visible on your profile again at any time using the same button. Any hidden artists won’t be included in the Top Artists feature—and if you want to opt out completely, you can unlink your Spotify account from your Bumble profile at any time. Just click on the green tick in the top right-hand corner of the Spotify section under “Complete my profile.”

With this updated feature, it’s even easier to see if someone has compatible taste in music. Knowing a potential match shares favorite artists can help you make meaningful connections faster, and can be a great segue into getting to know more about them and their personality. If you two hit it off, maybe a future date to your mutual fave’s concert is on the cards! So let your musical tastes take center stage on your Bumble profile and see who they could lead you to next.