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How do I plan a Night In?

Night In is a video date and trivia night rolled into one! Get to know your matches from the comfort and safety of your own home by working together to answer trivia questions as a team of two.

Where can I find a Night In?

1. The Night In icon  - open up a chat with one of your matches and the icon is in the bottom right corner.

2. Night In notifications - we’ll send you these to let you know when Night In is available and to guide you through planning your Night In.

3. Video chats - between 6pm and 12am you can start a Night In via the button if you’re already in a video chat with your match.

Where can I have a Night In? 

You and your match can meet for a Night In on any night of the week between 6pm and 12am. Either join spontaneously during those hours or schedule a day and time to meet later.

What if we’re in different time zones?

You can join a Night In as long as it’s between 6pm and 12am for either you or your match.

Is Night In available in my language?

Night In is currently available in English only, though we're working on expanding to more languages soon. We hope to offer support in Spanish and French over the coming months. 

How long does a Night In last?

The trivia element of Night In is made up of 3 rounds of 5 questions each - so the game lasts as long as it takes you to answer the questions. You can also take a break in between rounds to get to know your match more. The video chat can go as long as you like after the trivia game has finished. And you can end the game or the video chat whenever you want.

Which platforms is Night In available on?

You can join in on a Night In from Bumble's iOS and Android apps. Right now, it's not available on our website. 

Please note that for now Night In is only available in Canada and the United States. We're working hard to bring it to more locations across the globe, so watch this space!

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