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Bumble’s Global Connector Bees Take Singapore: Top Five Meetup Spots For Adventurous Matches

This post is by Juliana Broste, one of Bumble’s Global Connector Bees. After a nationwide search and vigorous application process, Juliana and her fellow ‘GCB’ Brigette Muller were chosen to travel the world and make new connections in love, life, and business using Bumble. For the first leg of their trip, the two are getting to know vibrant, multicultural Singapore — and scoping out destinations for Bumble BFF, Bizz, and Date outings. Follow their adventures on Instagram!

Sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board

There’s such a variety of interesting places to see and things to do on this ‘city island’ despite its relatively small size! The international vibe and diverse culture provide plenty to explore, so I set out to find the best spots in Singapore for Bumble matches to meet up.  

I knew right away that the luscious green landscapes and stunning architecture would provide tons to talk about with a new Bumble Date, BFF, or Bizz connection. Here are my top five Singapore spots to explore, either with someone new or solo.

Cheers at Cé La Vie Singapore atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

All around Singapore’s central Marina Bay, you’ll catch glimpses of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a stunning structure comprised of three 55-storey towers connected by the awe-inspiring SkyPark. Treat yourself to an evening on the rooftop at Cé La Vie. Enjoy cocktails at SkyBar at sunset and glittering panoramic views over dinner. This’d be a perfect spot to impress your Bumble Date or take gorgeous Instagram shots with your Bumble BFF!

Stop and Smell the Roses at the Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a true gem, even in a city known for its gardens. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest gardens deserve special attention. The highlight? Being up in the air, surrounded by Singapore’s famous solar-powered Supertrees, strolling along the 70-foot-tall OCBC Skyway. It feels like you’re floating. This’d be a dream venue for a romantic Bumble Date — or, really, any match from any mode who you’ve already gotten to know a little. That way, you can focus on ooh-ing and aah-ing.

Explore Singapore’s Vibrant Little India

Full of bustling shops and colorful sights, Little India offers so much fodder for conversation with someone you’re meeting for the first time. Get a taste of the local cuisine at Tekka Center, one of many so-called hawker markets in the city (see below). Tour the Sri Veeramakaliamman Hindu Temple. Wander into side streets to check out some street art. Plan to bring an adventurous Bumble BFF or Bizz match here for a chat over curry.

Chow Down at a Hawker Centre

The secret to eating like a local in Singapore is chowing down at a Hawker Centre: an open-air market filled with food carts and stalls. While everyone has their favorite, you can’t go wrong with any of these centres. We tasted mee goreng, or spicy red noodles from Indonesia, at Makansutra Gluttons Bay. We sampled Singapore’s prized Hainanese chicken rice, the official national dish, at Maxwell Food Centre. You’ll never run out of dishes to try while walking-and-talking with any kind of Bumble match!

Sip on a Singapore Sling

When in Singapore, it seems only appropriate to sip on a Singapore Sling. Even if you’re not into the super-sweet taste, you’re gonna love the sweet story — the perfect ice-breaker for your Bumble Date, BFF, or Bizz match. The Long Bar inside the iconic Raffles Hotel is where it all started over a hundred years ago. Fashioned to look like fruit juice, the Singapore Sling was invented during a time when it was socially unacceptable for women to drink in public. Thanks to one clever bartender, this pink drink disguised the alcohol, and it soon became a statement of equality. Now it’s considered the national cocktail. I’ll drink to that!