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What Venus Retrograde Means for Your Dating Life in 2023

By Meghan Rose

This summer, there’s an important astrological transit that will rule your love and dating life: Venus retrograde. Retrogrades are transformative periods that encourage you to reassess and recalibrate—and with love planet Venus moving backwards from July 22 to September 3, you can expect to find yourself reflecting on what your dating life currently looks like and what you want it to look like. Significantly, this planetary movement is happening in fiery Leo, which rules over our confidence and self-expression, so use the sign’s energy to show up authentically as you navigate your love life. 

The most important part of this Venus retrograde period will be how you choose to deal with any issues that may crop up while you’re dating. Read below for your sun, rising, and Venus signs to get advice for how to handle this upcoming retrograde period. 


This year’s Venus retrograde happens in your fifth house of romance and pleasure, helping you ask for what you want while dating. Remember: the right people will listen to you with an open mind and be willing to put in the effort. Try to keep an eye out for the potential Bumble matches who show these traits in their actions. This might look like meeting you for the first date on your side of town, being keen to try out your favorite hobby, or putting in the work to learn more about your background or culture. During the retrograde, you may see that although love might take work, it’ll feel effortless with someone who’s eager to support you.


The Venus retrograde lands in your fourth house of home and family, prompting you to revisit the origins of your beliefs around love and dating. Take time to reflect on the relationships you saw growing up and the lessons you learned from them, and then think critically about what love and romance mean to you. You, Taurus, thrive on stability and comfort. This retrograde will make you realize how important it is to feel safe around the people you’re dating, so let this notion guide you as you continue to make connections on Bumble.  


The Venus retrograde is happening in your third house of communication and social events, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to meet up with every Bumble match you make this summer. Rather than accepting every invitation, curating your dates will give you more time to spend on yourself and understand what you’re looking for so that you can date with intention. In fact, the Venus retrograde will encourage you to do just that, prompting you to question your connections and raise your standards before letting just anyone into your heart.  


With the Venus retrograde falling in your second house of value, the main focus for you over the next few months is going to be exercising discernment. Retrograde periods tend to bring us tests to see if we’re ready to pass them once and for all, and this Venus retrograde asks you to learn how to say no to the wrong people so that the right person has the space to enter your dating life. Just be careful: you may be tempted by people who don’t see your worth. Instead of trying to convince someone that you’re a prize, confidently walk away from any connections that make you feel like you have to prove yourself. 


This is a big retrograde for you, Leo! With Venus moving backwards in your sign and transiting through your first house of confidence and identity, you’ll be tested to separate your dating life from your sense of self. You may be feeling as though you’ve been attaching your self-worth to your dating experiences, blurring the lines between who you are and what you want from the people you’re involved with. During this Venus retrograde, reconnect with who you are and how you love to spend your time. Reminding yourself what makes you happy outside of dating will allow you to enjoy your single life without focusing on any longer-term goals. Leaning into your best self could even lead you to your next meaningful connection.


Get ready, Virgo: this Venus retrograde illuminates your twelfth house of karma, endings, and closure. This astrological transit is going to stir up a lot of limiting subconscious beliefs that you’ve held onto for far too long. You may be feeling negative about love, and unduly prioritizing others. For instance, you might think that love is about being “chosen” rather than finding an aligned match—or that a fizzled Bumble chat is a failure rather than a door opening to a new, more compatible connection. This retrograde will be a great time to meet people who help you think more optimistically about love, and to put effort into believing that you’ll find your person. 


As this Venus retrograde transits your eleventh house of purpose and hopes for the future, you may find that socializing, connecting, and talking about your goals with your Bumble matches makes you feel inspired. All aspects of your life will positively benefit from you keeping your heart open and connecting with people. This summer will prompt you to lean into the fantasies you have about love and allow others to show up for you! If you leave space for others to surprise and support you, you may be swept off your feet.


This year’s Venus retrograde is happening in your tenth house of career and public image, Scorpio. With the planet of love changing course, you’ll reconsider what facades you may be presenting, versus your authentic self. Take advantage, and update your Bumble profile to showcase who you are. Instead of trying to be perceived a certain way by others, celebrate your true self and feel proud of your accomplishments. You may find yourself matching with someone who appreciates the real you, and who could push you to grow. Pursue that connection and it could lead you down new, exciting paths.


With the Venus retrograde occurring in your ninth house of exploration and learning, this time is all about testing whether or not you’re ready to level up. Don’t shy away from new dating experiences—instead, consider new adventures and keep an open mind. There are always lessons to be learned from new connections, and under this retrograde, those lessons can push you out of your comfort zone. If you’re willing to use this period as a time to expand, it could turn out to be one of your most fascinating and insightful summers yet.


Your eighth house of rebirth and transformation is being illuminated by the Venus retrograde, leaving you feeling cracked wide open when it comes to love. You may be fresh out of a relationship and still working out how you feel, or be ready to fully embrace your single life and new dating experiences. Either way, the best thing about this Venus retrograde is that it will help you let go of limiting beliefs around finding a “perfect partner” and start simply enjoying the dating process. If you can let your guard down this summer, this transit will be wildly liberating in your approach to finding love! 


As the Venus retrograde is occurring in your seventh house of relationships and long-term partnerships, you’ll be taking center stage when it comes to summer dating. The retrograde will slow down any connections currently in progress, so if you’re looking for something serious, now is the time to test your dedication—or simply have a fun and expectation-free summer romance. But don’t fret—you’re not being punished by the stars! Slowing down is actually a great way to find people with similar values who aren’t here to play games. Not only will this shine a bright light on your Bumble matches, but you’ll be showing your true colors too. 


With the Venus retrograde happening in your sixth house of routines and daily activities, you’ll want to make sure that the way you’re approaching love is aligned with your long-term dating goals. Remember, when we accumulate habits, they become our lifestyle. Stay intentional this month; hone in on what you need from a partner, and then be confident about putting yourself—and what you want—out there. You don’t need to wait for others to take the lead this summer, Pisces. You’ll find that it’s much easier to make things happen when you reevaluate your small, daily actions and approach to dating.