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Best Ways to Make the First Move on Bumble

With a queue of Bumble matches lined up and your fingertips at the ready, it’s time to start making some love connections. (Or at least some “I might like you enough to have one drink with you” connections.) Start things off on a fun note with these playful first move ideas. (Because you’re so much better than “Hey.”)

“Where would you eat your last meal on earth?” 

If they say Shake Shack, it’s love.

“Truth or dare?”

Dare them to ask you out and see what happens.

“Going to Whole Foods, want me to get you anything?”

See if they pick up on this Master of None reference.

“What one musical artist’s catalog would you take to a deserted island?”

Just hope they don’t say Weird Al.

“What would you call the reality show based on your life?”

True Life: I’m a Hopeless Romantic?

“Would you rather be able to fly or read minds?”

Potential superpowers are always a good ice breaker.

“Who do you want to rule the Seven Kingdoms?”

See if they nerd out over Game of Thrones like you do.

Feeling Ready to Make the First Move?