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Bumble Makes Reporting Hate Speech, Catfish, and More Even Easier

At Bumble, your safety is at the center of our mission. To help keep you safe and protected, we have a robust Block and Report system. We’ve rolled out an improved structure within the Bumble app to allow you to be specific about your reasons for reporting someone—and to ensure our team of moderators worldwide can take action as quickly as possible. (More information on what happens after you report someone on Bumble here.) Read on for the options.

Fake profile

Do you have a gut feeling that there’s something suspicious about a profile? Do you think it’s possible you’re being catfished? Even if you just have a hunch, please Block & Report the profile. You can choose whether you suspect someone’s using photos of a celebrity; whether a very empty profile sets off alarm bells; or if another person is using your photos. We’d rather be certain everyone in our community is the real deal, so don’t hesitate to report so that we can look into it. 

Discrimination or hate speech

We don’t accept hate speech of any kind on our platform, and we’ve added dedicated categories so it’s easier to report this behavior, whether you’ve encountered homophobia, racism, transphobia, body-shaming, or misogyny. One of our moderators will review your report immediately and take action if necessary.

Scam or commercial 

Bumble is a platform for forming genuine relationships and connections; anyone seeking financial gain or followers isn’t welcome. If you come across a profile that’s, for example, selling sexual services or promoting social media accounts instead of looking to make a match, report it and we’ll take a look.

Rude or abusive behavior

If someone exhibits insulting or unkind behavior towards you on Bumble, we have a tool to help address it. You can Block & Report for this reason if the person is using vulgar or offensive language, if they’re trying to blackmail you, they’ve ghosted you, or for sexual/general harassment and stalking. 

Inappropriate content

We don’t accept any inappropriate behavior on Bumble, so if someone’s profile photos or information don’t meet our community guidelines, or if someone has sent you inappropriate photos or asked you for money, you can Block & Report them.

Behavior off Bumble

Even if someone has exhibited offensive behavior in real life, you can still Block & Report them on the Bumble app. Whether they were physically violent, have a criminal history, or you had a bad experience on a date with them, submit a report and we’ll look into it.


We have a strict 18+ policy on Bumble. If someone’s profile says they’re under 18, they’ve told you they are, you know that they are, or they simply look underage, Block & Report them.
Remember: when you sign up to use Bumble, it doesn’t mean that you’re agreeing to be harassed, coerced, or lied to. If anyone has led you to feel this way on the app, you can Block & Report them immediately or contact our support team here.