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Festive Opening Lines for the Holiday Season

Bells are ringing, lights are shining, and people are matching. There’s a different feeling in the air during the holidays, and with it being cuffing season, this time of year can be a great opportunity to find a new connection on Bumble!

Whether you’re looking for a plus-one to all the festivities, or an escape from the chaos, here are some spirited convo starters that just might create the spark that keeps you cozy all season. 

  • Hot cocoa or apple cider? 
  • Holiday music—yay or nay? 
  • Best gift you’ve ever given? Received? 
  • Do you prefer a sentimental or expensive gift from your partner? 
  • What holiday food could you eat year round? 
  • Do you have any unusual holiday traditions?
  • What’s more fun: building a snowman or going ice skating?
  • Do the holidays stress you out or get you excited?
  • Snow: fun or annoying?
  • Where would be your dream destination to spend the holidays?

Take it from us—just because the temperature’s cold, it doesn’t mean your love life has to cool down, too. So go ahead and start the chat—we’ll be over here with the mistletoe whenever you’re ready.