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Bumble Success Story: Audrey & Scott

Audrey, what stood out about Scott’s profile? Um, his photos! His eyes were so blue!! 

Scott, what stood out about Audrey’s profile? I loved that each of her photos were really unique. I got a good sense of her personality right away! 

Audrey, what was your first move? We were one of each other’s first matches and we matched almost immediately! I messaged him, “It’s a sign in my humble opinion” with my phone number. He texted immediately, “I like your humble opinion.” 

How long did you talk before deciding to go on a date? Believe it or not, six weeks! Scott and I were both already out with friends the night we matched and had limited availability for the rest of the weekend. Little did I know he was only in Texas for seventy two hours. I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento, CA for a project (for a job I was desperate to quite) a month and a half after we matched. That same weekend, he had already planned to visit his grandma who lived in Sacramento. He picked me up from the airport, kissed me and got me drunk off two beers. We had a fabulous first date and saw each other again three months later. 

And now? We’re engaged and expecting a baby in December! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us – we are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive!  

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