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A First Date Spent Snowboarding Led to Long Distance Love

Despite being in a long distance relationship for nearly 10 months, this couple is still going strong. Angela and Zack matched on January 27th, 2017 and had an unconventional first date two weeks later. Learn more about their relationship, below!

Angela, how long did it take to meet up after matching? What did you do for your first meet up/date?

It took two weeks for us to meet up and our first date was snowboarding at Jack Frost in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Angela, what was your first move? What was the first message you sent on Bumble?

I first wrote, “Hey! I love your pictures on the mountain. Where were you snowboarding?”

Zack, what was your first reply back? 

I wrote back and said, “Killington, Vermont. We should go some time :)”

Angela, how did this match feel different?

We had the same sense of humor. Jokes that I made with other matches didn’t work and those same jokes worked with him. We also had so many interests and life views in common.

Zack, how did this match feel different? 

She actually wanted to get to know me and was interested in trying new things that I liked doing. I loved that she was so adventurous.


Angela, what was your first impression of Zack? How did you feel before the first date?

I thought that he was so incredibly sweet and intelligent. I was so nervous before the first date because I thought there was no way that he could even be real. I was certain that it was a front!

Zack, what was your first impression of Angela? How did you feel before the first date?

I thought that she had an infectious smile in every single picture and looked like a genuine person. I was so excited before the first date because we had spoken on the phone and I knew we were going to hit it off.

Angela, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

We dated long-distance for quite a while. . .[I] think this only makes our relationship stronger!

Zack, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

I think it really helps that we are both in the medical field. Our jobs can be emotionally and mentally challenging and having someone that can understand that makes a huge difference.

Angela, where are you now? Where are you headed in the future? 

I am an ICU registered nurse in Pennsylvania and he is a Sports Medicine Physician in Texas. He will be finishing his fellowship in July and then returning back to the Northeast. We are planning our wedding to be after his return from Texas next summer. After our wedding, we plan to visit Israel, Puerto Rico, and Bora Bora. We plan to continue to travel before starting a family.


Finally, what are your favorite things to do together?

EAT, EAT, EAT. I am pretty sure that most of our money goes to food. We love trying cuisines from all cultures and different parts of the world. We enjoy traveling, music, and spending time in nature. We love snowboarding, kayaking, and the beach! We also love spending time with our black cat, Raven. She is the boss of us.

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