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From Awkward Texts to a Walk Down the Aisle

When Sirisha matched with Kunal on Bumble back in November 2015, she didn’t walk into their first date expecting fireworks, exactly. 

“We had some awkward conversations over text,” she said. “But it was clear that Kunal was a good guy.”

The Chicago-dwelling duo decided to meet at one of Kunal’s favorite spots, Wicker Park’s Pub Royale. “At first, I didn’t want to meet her,” he said. “But I finally gave in, and I sure am glad I did.”

Sirisha managed to overlook her disappointment that Kunal forgot to make a reservation, meaning the two had to move their date next door while waiting to be accommodated. 

“I instantly felt at ease with him, almost like he was a long-time friend,” she said. “That, coupled with many drinks and ‘would you rather’ questions made for a very fun night!”

The feeling was mutual, and then some. “The date went above and beyond my expectations,” Kunal said. “It was like spending the night with one of my best friends.”

Those first awkward texts turned into sweet, sympathetic messages about their respective hangovers the next morning:

IMG_8319 (1).PNG

And even before they’d arranged a second date, Kunal was certain enough that he’d met someone special in Sirisha that he texted an all-important update to his group chat:


Luckily for Kunal, Sirisha did like him! In the ensuing months and years, that ‘like’ has turned into a once-in-a-lifetime love. After 2.5 years together, the two got married in May. 

“Kunal is such a good partner,” Sirisha said. “He encourages me to be me, whether that be the person who wants to learn new things, travel the world or cozy up on the couch. He makes me feel like I can do anything because he will always support and encourage me to pursue my hopes and dreams.”

“Sirisha is way out of my league and she has very high expectations, so she always keeps me on my toes,” said Kunal, ever the joker. “She pushes me to be the best version of myself even though it is tiring at times. Ultimately, she makes me a better person.”