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Bumble Success Story: Emily + Andrew

Emily and Andrew matched around June 1 of 2016 and are now engaged! Their story in their own words is below.

Emily, what was the first message you sent on Bumble?

I initiated by asking him what kind of lawyer he is and what made him choose that profession. (He didn’t give me a whole lot of pictures to work with, just your standard photo with family, friends, and formal attire.)

Andrew, what as your first response?

I was probably clarifying that I actually still had one more year of law school to go before being an actual lawyer ;).

How long did it take to meet up and what did you do for your first date?

Andrew: I think it was about a week total before our first date. We went to Parson’s, a really cool restaurant in Logan Square with a great outdoor patio. We actually just went back there to commemorate our first anniversary!

Emily: Definitely no more than 3 – 4 days! After we messaged on the app all day and seemed to have some good chemistry, he NEVER asked me out! No surprise for dating apps, but he sparked my interest enough that the next day I said, “Hey! I’d totally be up for drinks sometime!” (Hint hint, nudge nudge.) He took me up on the offer and I suggested a cool “hipster” neighborhood spot with a great outdoor patio, Parson’s Chicken and Fish.

Emily + Andrew 3 Edited.jpg

How did this match feel different?

Andrew: She was persistent! I was very busy for the first couple days after we matched so I didn’t ask her out right away. She took charge and said, “I would be up for a drink” or something like that. I asked her out right away!

Emily: Honestly, initially it felt like many of the other matches. Having been on the dating app on and off for the last year, my expectations were low because I just couldn’t seem to find the right one! I debated on canceling the date but so glad I didn’t! Also, this was the first month that I had rejoined the dating app since coming back from Korea, a truly self-identity changing experience.

What is a unique aspect of your relationship?

Andrew: I would say a unique thing about our relationship is that we are able to communicate openly and honestly with each other about literally everything. Even when we disagree about something, we both make an effort to understand the other person’s point of view. I always know that I can be myself around her and she can do the same with me.

Emily: Andrew was the first guy I went out with after meeting my birth family and discovering I was a twin. I went into this date (and now, this relationship) with a renewed sense of self and identity. We had both done a lot of self-discovery prior to this relationship, which enabled us to have a solid foundation for ourselves and our relationship. He worked in a variety of fields prior to deciding to pursue law school in his mid to late 20s and I pursued nursing instead of marketing/PR after a senior college trip to Rwanda. We have had the opportunity and luxury to experience life at our own pace.

There’s a genuine and honest sense of joy, adoration, vulnerability, contentment, and security in our relationship. I’ve never experienced these qualities so organically or to this measure. THANK YOU TO THE HIVE FOR MATCHING US AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME!

Emily + Andrew 2 Edited.jpg

Where are you now? Where will you be headed in the future? (Next adventure, etc)

Andrew: This summer I’m studying for the Illinois Bar Exam, the final step before I become a practicing attorney. In August I will begin my job working for a law firm in Chicago. I’m really excited to finally start my law career! There are a few big milestones ahead in September: I will turn 30; one of my best friends will be getting married in Portland, OR; and I will be moving in with Emily at her apartment in Lakeview. It is going to be a very busy and very exciting month!

Emily: I’m still working as a pediatric nurse at Lurie Children’s Hospital. I just started graduate school to become a mental health/psychiatric nurse practitioner. I’ll be traveling to Korea in August to reunite with my birth family again! So excited!

As for Andrew and I, we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Parson’s Chicken and Fish, where it all began! We literally got randomly sat at the exact same picnic table and sat in the same spots. He will be moving into my place a little less than a mile from Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs play. After he passes the bar exam at the end of July, he will start working at a law firm in downtown Chicago. We’ve talked about marriage and kids – definitely in the future! We both highly value education and our careers so we’ve agreed he needs to feel established and secure in his career before he pops the big question. (I suppose I can be patient until then.) Despite the social pressures of marriage, we’re just enjoying the ride! BUT… We are optimistically thinking wedding Spring/Summer 2019 and Bumble signage for days. Maybe our wedding colors will be black and gold! 

Emily + Andrew 1 Edited.jpg

Emily and Andrew, thank you so much for sharing your success story with us! We couldn’t be happier for you two!

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