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Bumble Success Story: Kat + CJ

Kat and CJ matched in October of 2016 and are now engaged with a baby on the way! Below is their story in their own words.

How long did it take to meet up after matching? What did you do for your first meet up/date?

We met up about 5 days after matching and chatting through the app. We went to an Irish pub for dinner.

Kat, what was the first message you sent on Bumble?

I was brand new to online dating and so I think it went something like, “I wish I had a really great witty pick up line but I’ve never done this so ‘Hi, my name is Kat’ is all I have.”

CJ, what was your first reply back? 

“Upside is when you’re beautiful, that’s all you really have to do.” (I’m super cheesy, I know.)

Kat, how did this match feel different?

Well, I had never matched with anyone or done any online dating previous to this, but his profile stood out because it was real life. At that point I had a 9 year old, a house, and a settled career. I wasn’t looking for an adrenaline junkie buddy, I was looking for someone to make a life with. His pictures were real life: military, at a bar with friends, with his dog. They were photos of everyday life, not the highlight reel.

CJ, how did this match feel different? 

It didn’t feel forced; I didn’t feel like I was forcing anything. She wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see her. I was able to be direct with her about what I was looking for.

Kat, what was your first impression of CJ? How did you feel before the first date?

Going into the date I had no expectations. I knew I was interested in him, but I didn’t read too far into that because it was my first online dating experience. I felt like I had nothing to lose. He got there before me and was waiting in the food court area of the mall. Once I spotted him he was very well dressed and just as handsome in person as in his pictures.

CJ, what was your first impression of Kat? How did you feel before the first date?

She was going to be my last online date, i was burnt out from all the bad first dates and wasn’t very optimistic. However, I’m always prepped for the worst but hoping for the best.  

What do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

Kat: I think we both realize that no one will check off every box on your personal checklist of what you’re looking for (at least initially), but he’s willing to accept and foster those areas that I don’t meet for him and I do the same, rather than let them be issues. We have found our perfectly imperfect match and he’s everything I never knew I needed. We have a true partnership where we support each other in every aspect of life. I also have a great deal of respect for him personally. Not only as a former military member, but in his daily interactions that I witness. He’s by far one of the kindest, most helpful humans I’ve ever met.

CJ: I’m a unique character and with her I feel that all my quirks are accepted. She loves me for the cheesy, semi-stoic, always prepared guy I am. We definitely don’t focus on things we consider lacking, but on building our future together.

Where are you now? Where are you headed in the future? (Traveling, next steps, etc.)

Kat: We are currently engaged (looking at a Fall 2018 wedding at the beach) as well as anticipating our daughter’s birth in the upcoming weeks (due September 4th)!

CJ: I have my hot fit chick – who is having what will be the most amazing girl the world will know – a great step-son to be, and our crazy dog Lucy, all under one roof. I’m looking forward to all the adventures our life will have to offer.

Thanks so much, Kat and CJ, for sharing your story! We’re so happy for you two!

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