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Bumble Success Story: Kristina + Eric

Below is Kristina and Eric’s story as told by Kristina!

“Last December, my roommate convinced me to download Bumble. ‘Kristina, you need to get Bumble. The guys are more professional than other dating apps and you’re in control!” I downloaded Bumble more for entertainment than anything else.

On December 6, 2015, I matched with a good-looking man while I was bored. I decided to send a standard “Hey, how are you?” (Very creative, I know.) We talked for a bit and found out we both lived in Lincoln Park in Chicago – not too crazy considering it’s a pretty popular neighborhood full of young professionals. We talked for about two weeks, discovering our many similarities. I was sick at the time so we didn’t meet up immediately. In those two weeks I laughed and smiled far more than I ever had before at work.

During the second week of chatting, he asked me where in Lincoln Park I lived. Trying not to give a stranger too much information, I told him my just cross streets. He replied “OMG, me too! Technically Greenview – I live next to Walgreens.” I read that line 15 times and started sweating at my desk. I was thinking to myself, “There’s no way that’s true. Am I being stalked?” I replied, “No way! Walgreens is basically my backyard.” 

Now I really had to meet this guy. We planned the first date at one of our neighborhood bars. Instead of letting him pick me up at my door, we met at the corner. I remember getting there before him and peeking around from the side of the building. When I saw him walking up I thought, “Woah – he’s tall, he’s cute, and he’s REAL!” 

Our first date went well! Weirdly we found out we go to the same dentist even though their office is an hour outside the city. (So crazy). After the date we parted ways at the same corner. Honestly, the fact that the date went so well and that we had so many things in common kind of creeped me out at first.

By the time we got to our fourth date, I finally let him walk me home. We shared our first kiss on my doorstep. It was the adorable kind you see in the movies. I was on cloud nine. As our relationship grew, that corner has become our corner. Those coordinates will forever mean something to us.

Just this past Tuesday we celebrated our Bumble-versary, and this January we’ll be celebrating one year! To celebrate Bumble and what the bee now means to us, we bought a bee ornament for our first Christmas tree together.

Because of Bumble, I have loved better, laughed more, and lived the best year of my life with my best friend.”

Thank you so much to Kristina and Eric for sharing your story with us! We’re so happy for you!

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