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Bumble Success Story: Meghan & Ryan

Meghan & Ryan’s story as told to Bumble by Meghan…

Cold winter nights are even colder when you’re single, especially in Chicago. I had been on a few bumble dates in the past, but nothing quite panned out. 

Ryan and I matched, and talked on and off for weeks through the app. He would mention getting drinks, but then would never follow up with an actual request for a date. Finally one night, we were chatting again, and I blurted out, are we going to get drinks or what?! 

The following week, we planned to get a drink. A few hours before we were supposed to meet, he let me know “it was raining,” and “I won’t be back in time” etc. At this point, I really don’t expect anything to come out of it, but figure my week nights could use some spicing up.

We rescheduled for the following night, which happened to be April Fools Day and the night before my birthday. I agreed to meet for a drink in my neighborhood, knowing I could head home at a reasonable hour so I didn’t get stuck turning 26 with a stranger.

I arrived first and was seated at a table where I felt very short because I sank into the booth. I sat awkwardly waiting for Ryan to arrive, somewhat unsure of what he looks like because he was wearing sunglasses in the the majority of his profile pictures.

When he arrived, I remember he was very straight edge – wearing a button down shirt and vest with his hair gelled perfectly into place. 

Since we had been talking on bumble for a bit, I knew more about him that you typically would on a first date. I am pretty laid back on a first date and don’t put too much pressure on it. I could tell he was somewhat nervous and pretty chatty.

Trying to shake things up and get out of the stuffy/awkward first date environment, I suggested we head to a bar across the street where my friend was celebrating her brother’s birthday. He said sure, but could tell he was a bit reluctant.

We hung out at the party for an hour or two. I knew a handful of people there, and he didn’t know anyone. What a trooper though! Very impressed.

Keeping an eye on the clock and not wanting our date to run into my birthday at midnight, he walked me home. A complete gentleman.

It was not that typical “love at first sight” date or even a “we had so much in common and felt sparks” date either. It took us about six weeks to really jive and now we are inseparable. Our hobbies, friends, and families are very much alike and we have taken many trips and adventures together. Cannot wait for a lifetime of happiness with bumble bae.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us – we are so happy for you two! Congratulations and so much love from The Bumble Hive!  

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